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10 Best Fake Dating Books To Read After “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”


Has anyone ever offered to pretend you’re in a relationship with them? Nope? You’re not alone; none (or not most) of us have one. But if someone asked us, we would say “yes!” on the spot.

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With To all the boys I’ve loved before celebrating its third anniversary last month, fake dating books are once again becoming the talk of the town. A crisis, a simulated couple and a happily ever after waiting to happen. What’s the best in the world? And if you liked the movies, you might want to check out some fantastic books built around the same premise.


‘Meet Dr. Dil’ by Nisha Sharma

Kareena Mann wants a love story like her parents. Too bad she’d rather restore her car than swipe right on dating apps. But when her dad announces he’s selling her mom’s house, Kareena may have to move quickly through the dating process and find a fiancé. His search becomes impossible when his argument with Dr. Prem Verma, host of The Dr. Dil Show, goes viral. There’s only one way out of this mess: get the man she doesn’t want.

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Overflowing with Taylor Swift references and the touch of desi romance, Dating Dr Dil will have you swooning in no time.

“How to Pretend in Hollywood” by Ava Wilder

Although their reasons are miles apart, Gray Brooks and Ethan Atkins also need each other. Wrestling in Hollywood is no small feat, but it’s easier with a partner. But they don’t need a partner, just a fake love affair to keep them afloat and save their faces. Their public relationship is juicy and creative, but behind the scenes isn’t as appealing. But when they finally give in to their chemistry, there’s only one question: in the unforgiving world of Hollywood, have they built armor strong enough to let go of love when they finally find it?

If you’re wondering what’s behind celebrity scandals, How to pretend in Hollywood gives a detailed summary with a heartwarming love story.

“The Love Hypothesis” by Ali Hazelwood

Olive Smith doesn’t believe in lasting romantic relationships, but she does believe in science. But scientists need proof, just like her best friend Anh, especially when Olive tells her she’s happy and in love. But kissing hot, grumpy, angry Adam Carlsen wasn’t part of Olive’s plan. But when he agrees to pretend to date Olive, she realizes that the only thing more complicated than a hypothesis about love is putting her own heart under the microscope.

An iconic debut Ali Hazelwood, The love hypothesis is the perfect blend of slow-burn and college romance.

“Honeymoon Singles” by Christina Lauren

In the age of Snapchat streaks, Olive Torres has a bad luck streak. It’s THAT girl. His sister, on the other hand, seems to be the universe’s favorite. And then there’s Ethan, the bane of Olive’s existence. So when the entire bridal party at Olive’s sister’s wedding falls ill and she’s offered to explore their honeymoon, there’s no way she’ll pass up the opportunity. The catch: Ethan is coming. She thinks she’ll be fine until her new boss meets them on the honeymoon and Ethan and Olive pretend to be married. But how long can they hold out on this prank before chance becomes fate?

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One of Christina Lawrenceit’s better, Non-honeyyou will swoon for the impeccable chemistry between Olive and Ethan and, of course, an all-expenses-paid honeymoon.

“The Winnipeg Wall and I” by Mariana Zapata

Vanessa Mazur knows working for Aiden Graves was temporary, so she shouldn’t feel bad about quitting. Acting as an assistant/governess/fairy godmother to the top of the National Football Organization defensive was just a detour before she embarked on important life projects she had worked out. But when Aiden shows up at her house, begging her to come back, how is she supposed to say no to the man who is used to getting whatever he wants?

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Even if you don’t care about slow burns, The Wall of Winnipeg and I will upend your expectations when you fall in love with Aiden and Vanessa.

“Twisted Lies” by Ana Huang

Monsters like Christian Harper hide in their lairs until they find their prey, and this time it’s in the form of the woman living just one floor below him. Naturally, he will do anything to get her, and when the only opportunity to get close to her presents itself, he breaks his own rules to offer the devil a deal no one can refuse. She is his weakness, his obsession, the object of his darkest desires and his only exception.

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A dark billionaire romance novel about a social media influencer and a morally gray alpha, twisted lies is not a book for the weak.

“To Love Jason Thorn” by Ella Maise

No amount of romance books about a brother’s best friend tell the absolute truth: the boy will crush your heart. And Olive was just another victim who fell into the trope. She wanted to forget that he existed and that he was almost there, but fate is cruel. Because years later, he’s starring in the movie based on the book she wrote, and he asks her for something she’s always wanted, except it’s all wrong. How long can Olive pretend to be in love with Jason while her heart breaks a little more each time it’s not real?

With hilarious friendship and endearing romance, Loving Jason Thorn is so much more than just a cute story; that’s all !

‘Terms and Conditions’ by Lauren Asher

Declan’s grandfather left his legacy to the future CEO, but there is one condition. Declan must marry and provide an heir to the family. So when his assistant, Iris, volunteers to help him, he jumps at the chance. It’s supposed to be simple. Move in together. Organize a wedding. Have a baby. But when her feelings grow stronger, he’s not sure he’s ready to leave and break her heart.

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The second book of Dreamland Billionaires series, Terms and conditionsis the embodiment of perfection.

“Better Than the Movies” by Lynn Painter

Liz Buxbaum gave her heart to Michael a long time ago. Too bad he never noticed her. Now, in his senior year, Michael is back in town. But instead of watching Liz love, he befriends Wes Bennett, her nemesis. There’s only one way for Liz to get him noticed: befriend Wes. But even as they pretend to tolerate each other, Liz learns that she doesn’t hate him. In fact, she might even enjoy his company.

One of the cutest teen romances in book history, better than the movieswill have you wishing for a Wes Bennett in your life.

“Things We’ve Never Overcome” by Lucy Score

Knox Morgan likes to be left alone. Unless you count his basset hound, Waylon, he doesn’t meddle with people and stays out of their problems, and he’s been successful so far. But when Naomi Witt’s life implodes right in front of him, he feels compelled to help. But even if he tries to help her until she stops getting into further trouble, they might hit a tipping point when the trouble turns into real danger.

Exploring romance, friendships, personal growth and finding a home in a strange place, Things we never got over is a roller coaster of emotions that will shake every foundation you have built around love.

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