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10 hidden details you missed on your first watch


by Netflix You ticked many boxes: it was unique, scary in good measure, had an edgy lead, and was even funny at times. What fans might not have noticed while binge-watching the addictive show is that it’s also full of hidden details, easter eggs, and references that foreshadow the later events of the show, sometimes even a season in advance.

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A slower, closer watch would reveal that from the first interaction Beck had with Joe in season 1, until the very last scenes of season 3 had small, meaningful facts and details hidden or in plain sight. of all of them, and knowing what they mean would add a whole new layer to the show.


Anavrin has been referenced by Beck several times

As Season 1’s romantic first lady, Beck was the center of attention. In her first interaction with Joe at Moony’s, she talks about Paula Fox, an author who also happens to be Courtney Love’s grandmother. Courtney Love was married to Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, making this an early reference to Anavrin, the Quinn hypermarket.

That was not all. Even when Joe locked Beck in the glass cage, she was seen wearing a Nirvana t-shirt the entire time she was trapped. Kind of weird.

Joe scrolls Benji’s app while browsing dating apps

Joe scrolls through dating apps in You.

With his new life as Will in LA in Season 2, Joe decided he needed to explore the dating scene in his area, which made fans hate Joe a lot more on You. So, the notorious killer started scrolling through his app store, which in itself wasn’t a big deal.

On closer inspection, the slew of dating apps has a notable name: Lovehooks. It was the app tech brother Benji had worked on before, which Joe saw when he harassed him on the internet. He didn’t even bat an eyelid when he came across the app created by the man he murdered.

Forty calls Joe “Old Sport”, then gets shot

Filled with literary references, You there were also some less obvious ones for fans to reel off as they rewatched the show. Forty and Joe became fast friends in season 2, and Forty called Joe many things, one of them being “Old Sport”, a nickname Jay Gatsby had dubbed Nick Carraway within Gatsby the magnificent.

It wouldn’t mean anything, except that Forty died the same way Gatsby did, by being shot. The nickname was a very subtle foreshadowing of the fate of poor, funny Forty.

Love and the names of forty

You season 3 why is love so different forty

Even on first listen, the siblings have strange names. Love is unusual, and Forty is even more unfamiliar, but put together they make a lot of sense. The Quinns made no secret of which kid was their favorite, and this tennis reference proves it.

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Forty is the highest score one can achieve in tennis, while love is zero. This matches the affection Dottie had for Forty, which was immense, as well as the bits of love that Love had to deal with from a young age.

Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment Symbolize Joe’s Life

Book references continue in the series throughout, and this one is major. To get Anavrin the job, Joe sells a copy of Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and he later quotes the author also when locked in the cage by Love: “If a man has a conscience, he will suffer from his error. It will be his punishment as well as his prison.”

It’s symbolic because the book is about something resembling the plot of You. Rodion Raskolnikov plans to kill a pawnshop owner to get her money to start his life over, and when he does the deed, he is haunted by guilt, paranoia, and regret over his crime, wondering if some crimes are justified as a means to an end. Sound familiar?

Joe Gives Love Play It As It Lays by Joan Didion to read

Split image of Joe giving Love Play it As it Lays in You.

Among Love’s best and worst traits, one was that she loved books like Joe. In season 2, Joe gives her a book by Joan Didion to read, called Play It As It Lays, which is about a young woman who goes from one abusive relationship to another, then travels to Los Angeles where she becomes also uncontrollable in love and other aspects.

The book’s themes match the show, as it also deals with the violence in Joe’s relationship, perpetuated by him, with LA as the backdrop for that season. This seemed to give viewers a hint that Love will also be darker than anyone Joe has dated.

Love’s first and last meal for Joe are the same

Split image of Love cutting up chicken and eating into you.

When Love first met Joe, she made him a healthy roast chicken, which Joe loved. In the Season 3 finale, she cooked the same meal for Joe, who was now her husband.

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This night was final for both of them, and it was obvious that only one of them would survive. It could have been the last meal Joe ever made, or the last Love ever cooked, which was very poetic. If one looks closely, one can also see that Love handled the spiked knife with a rag, rather than his bare hands, revealing his intentions.

His death by Aconite was announced

you season 2 I miss you spoiler dark season 3 twist

Aconite played a rather central role in You season 3, where the poison he created was first used to incapacitate Joe, who then miraculously managed to move and inject Love with a lethal dose of the same.

Funnily enough, Aconite’s other name is Wolfsbane, and the most popular dialogue between the pair was “I’m magnifying you.” The connection between the two cannot be a coincidence, and the use of Aconite was referenced early in the relationship.

Joe works at Chasseur Solitaire in Paris

Split image of Joe in Paris, in front of a You bar.

After his crazy setup for his and Love’s deaths, the obsessive Joe left the country and flew to Paris, where he worked at a bar and hoped to meet Marienne. While the chase itself is amazing, the name of the bar reveals Joe’s creepy personality.

Le Chasseur Solitaire translates to “The Lone Hunter”, which was the name of the establishment. I guess that means Joe will live up to his usual tricks, chasing his next “love” to erase his loneliness.

The love story was in the cut; He inspired K-Pop

Split image of Joe's phone screen in The Cut article on Love in You.

Before leaving Madre Linda, Joe is seen recounting the aftermath of his house explosion: Love’s gory story was published in the popular magazine. The cupand the nation was shocked that something like this could happen in the peaceful neighborhood.

If they pause, fans can read what the article says. It shed light on how the incident shaped pop culture, spawning all sorts of memes and even a viral K-Pop hit “Pie4Me/Die4Me.” The house has been demolished and fans find out that the bakery’s original name was supposed to be “Lovemuffin” and not “A Fresh Tart”.

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