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2 adults throw food at teenage boy at Maryland ice cream shop


A viral video that shows an ice cream shop worker being thrown at frozen desserts and other items has sparked outrage online.

Security footage from the incident shows a 15-year-old Icy Delights employee assaulted by two adults. Sharon Gay, the owner of the small, Maryland-based chain, said TODAY the adults threw five desserts and a tip jar at the employee.

Gay said customers first ordered three snowballs, a dessert made from crushed ice, flavored syrup and marshmallow topping, and requested additional marshmallow topping. After receiving their order, customers then said there was too much marshmallow filling, so the employee re-ordered.

Icy Delights, a small chain of frozen desserts from MarylandCourtesy of Sharon Gay

“(The employee) made her snowballs again … and she sends it over there and they didn’t even eat it and they tell her it was not right, that she had to make them again again, ”Gay said, adding that the employee also refunded the order. “She said to them ‘I can’t do them again, what do you want me to do? I gave you some extra marshmallow, I gave you regularly, and you say none of them are right. ‘ And that’s when the snowballs started to spring. “

Gay said the employee’s mother planned to press charges against the couple, who were identified by social media users after the company posted the security video to Facebook and asked for help identifying them. The company also plans to enact restrictions against the couple preventing them from surrendering again.

Gay said she “felt sick” watching security footage of the incident.

“I had a stomach ache to see what they did, especially at the end of the video where she put her hands up, like ‘Why did you do that?’,” Gay said. “I felt the same, like why would you do that?… What I didn’t include (in the video shared online) was how she held together until let them go and then she’s just, she’s sobbing, she’s hysterical. “

Gay also noted that the employee and a few other workers cleaned up the entire company after the assault because “everything was covered in marshmallow.”

Although the employee was not available for comment, Gay said she was shaken by the incident and quit her job shortly after the assault.

“This is her first job and she only worked a few months,” Gay said. “She came back one night and her mom sat in the car all night, then she worked last weekend and my granddaughter came in and worked with her. But she’s not going to work the rest. of the (season). She’s quite shaken up. Standing, her mother is still quite shaken. “

Gay said that, like many other restaurants and businesses, she and her staff have seen many more customer complaints and other bad behavior amid the pandemic. Although she and her son, who are co-owners of the business, are usually not on site, they see negative complaints on social media and receive messages through Facebook.

“We get a lot more complaints on Messenger from customers who are angry at something or want to report one of our employees, and I think a lot of them don’t realize… that we have cameras. “Gay said. . “Like, we had someone complained the other day that we closed early at one of our locations, so I raised the camera, and we’re always open after the time that they said they had come. They said they were in line, they’re ‘not online in the video.’

“You have people who really, really complain, like ‘They did it wrong’ or ‘They did it wrong’,” Gay continued. “Customers are angrier this summer than they’ve ever been.”

Gay said she hopes people will remember that many employees are doing their best under the difficult circumstances of the pandemic and will understand if there are any issues with an order.

“We have to do more this year, and no one deserves to be treated the way she has,” Gay said.