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20% of fully vaccinated U.S. adults have now received Covid-19 booster shots


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One in five American adults fully vaccinated against Covid-19 received a booster, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a new milestone for vaccinations bolstered by the agency’s expansion of eligibility for booster injections.


CDC says more 36 million of fully vaccinated U.S. adults received a Covid-19 booster on Tuesday, and the country averaged about 758,000 new boosters per day during the week-long period ending Thursday.

The CDC recorded its first major increase in booster shots after making seniors and adults with underlying health conditions or high-risk jobs eligible for an additional dose of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine in late September , with average daily reminders more than quadrupled to 400,000 per week after the decision.

A week after the CDC recommended booster shots for all Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients and high-risk Moderna recipients at the end of October, the average number of daily booster shots administered in the United States fell again from 335,000 to over 820,000.

CDC made all adults eligible for booster shots on Friday, regardless of the type of vaccine, but the agency has not released a daily average since then.

Large number

Over 19 million. This is the number of people aged 65 and over who received a booster injection, or 41.5% of fully vaccinated seniors.

Key context

Faced with a wave of coronavirus, states like Colorado, Utah and Maine Expanded Covid-19 recall eligibility to all adults before the CDC gave its approval last week. Colorado was in the throes of a hospital capacity crisis when the state expanded eligibility two weeks ago, with 95% of intensive care unit beds and 94% of medico-surgical surgery beds occupied. ‘era. New Mexico also cited an increase in Covid-19 infections and hospitalizations when he cleared all adults for booster shots almost two weeks ago. California has yet to face an increase, but it expanded eligibility for booster shots to all adults earlier this month due to concerns on a possible winter peak of Covid-19.

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