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$5 Ice Castle Tickets Available for “Locals” Night


LAKE GEORGE, NY (NEWS10) — By now, the word has done the rounds, and more. Ice Castles is open for business in Lake George, overlooking Charles R. Wood Park. Early next month will be a special day for locals who drove through as the ice built up for several weeks.

The inhabitants’ evening is scheduled for Wednesday, February 2 at the ice castles. Warren County residents will be offered an exclusive on-site discount, with tickets selling for $5 at the door between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. By contrast, typical admission is $20 on weekdays or $27 on weekends for adults, and $15 on weekdays and $22 on weekdays. for kids.

Tickets are sold by credit or debit card only. Residents can use a local ID or utility bill as proof of residency. Tickets can be sold in groups of up to six.

Ice castles opened Sunday night in Lake George. It’s the last of the company’s five locations across the country to open this winter. Already, tickets have sold out for several popular weekends. For those not enjoying Locals’ Night, Tickets can be purchased online.