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5 married couples who met online share their sweet (and awesome) stories



Many of us love technology, and for good reason – it makes our lives easier, connects us with friends near and far, and entertains us endlessly (as soon as I’m cleared to marry my iPhone, it happens). Online dating is the perfect marriage – excuse the pun – of technology and romance. In 1995, only 14% of single American adults had the Internet – far fewer dating profiles. These days, according to an April 2015 study, “nearly nine in ten Americans are online.” It’s a pretty impressive change in 20 years. Over the years, any stigma of saying “we met online” has evaporated. Come on, it’s so 1995. Valentine’s day happens quickly, and it puts us in a romantic mood, so we spoke to five awesome couples who met online and got married (or are engaged to be married) IRL. Read on for some sweet and melting stories.

Darren + Dana, Tumblr

Dana: “My current husband Darren and I met on Tumblr in March 2011 and have been married since September 2013. I was nervous to meet him, but not necessarily because he was from the internet. I have made a lot of great friends on different websites since my high school and middle school days. This is something that I was really embarrassed to admit to people, because meeting people on the internet seems like a weird and scary thing for a lot of people! I think the stigma about it has changed some as more and more people are connecting through the internet. But a few years ago it was a strange thing for sure. When we tell our story, especially to older family members, we often just say that we met “through friends”, which is quite true! It’s easier than explaining how we met on the internet, not through a dating site or whatever.

We had been following each other for a while and had chatted on Tumblr before because we had a lot of similar interests – mostly obscure horror movies, which really brought us together. I was living in Brooklyn at the time, and Darren was in Oakland, but he had friends who lived in New York, so when he came to visit them he told me he would be in town and told me. asked if I wanted to meet! We decided to meet at a midnight movie at the Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg (basically the darkest thing we can do). We saw the movie, stayed in a bar chatting until it closed, and that was it! We quickly decided after that night that we wanted to be together, and within months, Darren had moved across the country to New York!

Brendan + Josh, manhunt


Brendan: “We’ve been together for six years and had countless dates online before we met. We were both drawn to each other through the pictures. We had very little information in our profiles. We spoke by email for about a month before meeting in person. Even though it wasn’t popular at the time, we were honest about meeting online. Now we have no reservations about how we met. Being pioneers is fun! The stigma has definitely changed very quickly thanks to apps like Tinder. Other family members have also met their spouses online. We fell in love with our desire for a life partner and our enthusiasm to live life in the most exciting way possible.

Brian + Carrie, eHarmony


Brian: “My wife and I met on eHarmony in August 2013 and we had our first child in January 2016. We are both nurses, but in different fields and hospital networks. She is a bariatric nurse manager. I am a pediatric intensive care nurse. She is from rural Kansas (graduating high school class of 30) and I’m from the suburbs of Dallas (graduating high school class of 1400). I think I might still get some of our early emails. She was about to give up eHarmony and I thought she was out of my reach, but I tried anyway. We got engaged in April 2014 and got married in November 2014. Funny enough, a few hours after we got engaged and headed to our engagement party, someone she dated on eHarmony had it. called to find out if she wanted to go out.

Carrie: “I would never have met Brian without eHarmony. I am sure our paths would never have crossed. I thank God for this website. Meeting him was well worth all the horrible dates I’ve ever had – and I’ve had a lot!

Lauren + Olivia, OkCupidon


Lauren: “So online dating for me has actually been going on for a while. I started chatting and dating online when I was 13. I was gay and just trying to figure it out, and the easiest place to do that in a small town was to use the internet. Now, online “dating” back then was not the same as it is today. You were literally “dating” online, people hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles away. Of course, there were phone conversations, but other than that it was purely online. I think maybe that’s where the stigma comes from… Now it’s about looking at someone’s profile, writing them a message, having a conversation for a day or two, and then go out for a drink. In fact, we meet people, take the time to get to know them in person and determine from there if it will go further. I think online dating is easier than going out to a bar and trying to hit on someone… I also guarantee the bad online dating ratio, and bad dating is pretty similar. (I think there should be a study on this.) Really, I think people are afraid of exposing themselves in such a public world, photos, profile… it’s personal, and I understand, but in ultimately because I did that I met someone who I will spend the rest of my life with. I’d make 25 bad dates online just to find that good date.

Olivia contacted me first – I didn’t see her profile while browsing. When I clicked on it, the first thing I looked at were her photos, which were perfect. There were the pretty well-assembled ones, and then there were the wacky ones. I immediately liked that she didn’t just put the “perfect” photo. It made me think she was putting her authentic self there. When I read his profile, it was also the impression I had. It was a good mix of “here are my skills and talents” but also “I have neurotic tendencies and I am not perfect”.

We had a really epic first date. The story goes like this: I was incredibly late, 45 minutes to be exact, she was waiting for me at a bar in Brooklyn, girl after girl asking her for a drink, and she turned everyone down. She waited for me, and since that day I’ve made sure to catch up. It was that six month to one year period where I really feel like we saw the balance we created with each other. We were always looking to have fun and always did spontaneous things together. I could have asked her to marry me after that first year, but I still struggled with the job I had at the time and wanted to make sure I could support us both and get a very good ring. This happened after three years I bought the ring and asked her for her birthday (November 23, 2012) in my hometown of Syracuse, NY. It was a nice private proposition while we lay down to go to bed. It has to do with the earplugs, but it makes this story even longer. She said yes! We had a two year engagement and got married on October 18, 2014 (one day before my birthday) on a farm in Catskill, NY. It was a beautiful fall wedding that all of our family and friends attended. It was the perfect day, and everyone still talks about how much fun he had. “

Adam + Wynn, Hinge

Wynn: “We’ve both had around 15-20 first dates online over several years from a variety of sources including OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, Tinder, and of course Hinge. Hinge works in such a way that it only connects you to people in your extended network of Facebook friends, so I was immediately struck by how many third degree connections we had (over 50!) In almost every chapter of my life. That alone made Adam stand out. But also, a photo of him with the Obamas made me frown. And his succinctly written profile (funny, smart and serious when it counts) sealed the deal. We never had a cover story, and in fact, we were quick to tell people we met on a next-gen “dating app” that’s a healthier version of Tinder.

Adam: “His profile may have been more economical in its use of descriptive language than mine, but the number and diversity of Facebook connections we have shared speaks volumes. Most importantly, once we started chatting I was struck by something intangible about his writing style. The details must seem trivial to everyone, but her voice was loud and clear, and I couldn’t wait to meet her in real life.

Wynn: “I think online dating has become so incredibly common that the stigma that existed ten years ago is gone. Everyone I know who has been single for some time in the past five years has used either a dating site or a dating app. Apps like Tinder and Hinge make dating so easy that I think it’s more particular if you’re single and want to be in a relationship, but don’t use one. Another reason Adam likes to point out how we met is, truth be told, that we spent years living a few blocks from each other, going to the same grocery stores, attending the same shows. , going to the same bars and restaurants, and somehow never met. It took a dating app to get us together, and we’re so happy to have reunited – why not talk about it openly?

Our first date was a happy hour cocktail that turned into pizza – and Adam arrived very late and very full for the dinner he had already planned with friends. The logistics of the calendar dictated that our second date be the following night. Adam went out of his way and put together a perfectly planned night out – a chic dinner in the city’s hip new restaurant, followed by the best worst karaoke bar. I have since fallen in love. Adam applied on August 1, 2015 and we’re getting married on August 26, 2016!

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