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A new dating app matches people based on the memes they like


A new dating app has thought of a revolutionary way to match compatible potential lovers through the memes they like.

If you’re looking for love but are fed up with conventional dating apps like Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder and are looking for something a little more unique, enter “Schmooze.”

The concept is simple, swipe right if you bend hard or swipe left if you’re barely smiling and who knows, you might just meet your perfect mate.

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Schmooze has a collection of 5,000 memes hand selected by the meme officer team – yes, it’s a real job to keep users on their toes while still swiping for matches.

The creator of the application is 27 years old-Age Vidya Madhavanwho came up with the idea for Schmooze while working as an analyst in India while debating whether to go to graduate school in California, according to Tech Crunch+.

To help him make his decision, Madhavan cold emailed 10 people she found on LinkedIn who attended business school for their guidance.

However, only one responded and the two started sharing hundreds of emails, all “basically joking”.

Madhavan is now married to this man, which she says is due to their shared sense of humor.

In a conversation with The Daily Free Press, the CEO said memes offer more than just an image, but insight into who we are and what we find funny.

Credit: Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

She added: “Each generation has its own set of social and dating products. There was Facebook when eHarmony and match.com was the thing.

“Then came Instagram, which had Tinder, Bumble, Hinge as its user base. We want to be the dating app for people. ICT Tac generation.”

She continued, “I would like everyone to try it out, because it’s a new concept.

“I hope we can surprise, amaze and excite people a lot more. Memes are getting more and more exciting.

According to a 2011 study published in the Of Gruyter Sheepresearchers observed more than 3,000 married couples from five countries and found that couples were happier if they found their partners funny.

Researchers have found that because humor signals intelligence, it is considered a valuable trait in partners.

So what are you waiting for? Start sweeping people up.