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A Simple Solution to Helping People Be Safe While Dating Online is Here



Whether it was before the pandemic or during the pandemic, the online dating scene has grown with each passing year, where now more and more people are using online apps and sites to have fun or find love.

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But with online / app dating, there are a lot of risks involved. Whether it’s people placing false or distorted information on their dating profile, globally creating fake profiles or hiding serious basic information like criminal records, the security currently in place with many websites / apps is low. And because of that low security, a recent study found that over 84% of people demand some kind of technology to bridge the gap between making online dating safer for everyone.

Well, after all these years, the gap now has a technology solution in RealMe, a turnkey solution for various dating platforms to add to their systems that helps people be more secure when socializing or transacting online. line. The platform helps validate users so that people actually connect with real people, not bot accounts, while also allowing individuals to see the backgrounds of people they connect with for security reasons before. To meet.

Behind this solution is RealMe CEO Jeffrey Tinsley, who spoke to us exclusively about this revolutionary technology – which can be used not only for online dating, but for other online communications as well – and how it is changing. the world for the better.

What’s the biggest security issue you see online right now?

Consumers are being targeted by fraud through market scams at an alarming rate. Phishing scams are most common when scammers use emails or text messages to trick you into giving them your personal information. During the pandemic, crooks increased their fraudulent activity by taking advantage of online shoppers, and sadly, it didn’t end there. Unemployment benefit scams, employment scams and social security scams have reached an all-time high. Safety and security receive a lot of attention in the press, but to the detriment of consumers. Markets must continually improve their safety and security protocols to protect consumers by ensuring safe interactions.

Instagram recently implemented new safety features for minors using their platform. What other suggestions would you give to a public platform like Instagram to help create a safer environment?

Today the internet allows us to do business and socialize online, but there is little trust and verification. Public platforms can provide additional functionality to create more secure environments. Adding a requirement for identity verification, especially regarding age verification, is essential. Content moderation is extremely important in determining bad actors and toxic behaviors to ensure that communities and their users are protected from these types of threats.

When it comes to dating apps, many have fake accounts, spam users, or bots. Why is RealMe the solution to solve this problem?

RealMe integration gives users reliable identity verification and instant access to 275 million US background profiles. We verify that consumers are who they claim to be and provide general information including criminal history, sex offender status and personal reviews to make online interactions and transactions safer while allowing consumers to manage their own online reputation. We have conducted numerous studies and surveys over the past few years and our research has shown that 75% of people online have admitted to tampering with information on their dating profiles and 98% want a reputation platform that collects basic information. . Dating app users should ask if their app is RealMe compatible so that they can feel more secure with those they interact with online and check their potential matches.

What specific areas does RealMe focus on when it comes to dating profiles on apps, and which apps have started using your services?

RealMe’s mission is to make dating apps safer by giving users the ability to verify themselves and their potential matches. In doing so, RealMe plans to improve safety and security protocols for dating applications by providing users with general information about their matches, including criminal records, sex offender status, personal notices, and more. We think it’s important to know that the person you choose to engage with is actually who they say they are and that you have as much information as possible to make informed decisions about whether to engage. continue to engage with your potential partner. We are proud to say that we recently announced a partnership with White Label Dating! A platform with over 4,000 dating sites, millions of dating app users will have access to basic information and reputation details. We’re also excited to mention that we’re live on Dig, Tabby, Mingle2, and Bristlr. All dating apps should consider integrating RealMe as this level of safety and security is increasing and the demand for this industry-wide change is undeniable.

As technology evolves every day, what future trends do you foresee in terms of technology and personal online security?

Anonymity is coming to an end as safety and security becomes the new standard requirement to protect users. It is the responsibility of markets, dating apps and other platforms, and it is good for businesses to protect their users and attract more through improved security protocols that make users feel safe with those they interact with online. In a recent Dating Industry Insider survey, we learned that user requests are the most important driver for changing safety and security policies, and over 58% of insiders are committed to making users safe. the number one priority in 2021. Based on these statistics, we hope that safety and security will be the top priority in the future and that we will focus on making users feel safer and better. protected on dating apps.

What are some big “red flags” that users should look for on dating profiles to see if this account is a fake or a bot?

Fake profiles usually have a photo or their photos look too perfect. Conversations are inconsistent, have a suspicious number of connections, or cannot video chat. Bots are designed to simulate a “chat” with users mimicking human conversational patterns. If these interactions start asking you for money, or everything seems too good to be true, trust your gut and move on.

How can businesses sign up for RealMe or at least start taking steps to secure their platforms?

Glad you asked! You can contact our VP of Business Development, Courtney Kovacevich. We would love to share our product offering with you and show how we make dating apps safer and users more secure.