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Adult star Renee Gracie’s $ 1 million return to Bathurst dismissed e! News uk


Supercar driver turned adult performer Renee Gracie is said to be set to miss a Bathurst 1000 joker after revealing her intention to pursue the dream.

Last month, Gracie revealed plans to spend $ 1 million to make a comeback in the sport she left in 2017.

The two-time former Bathurst 1000 competitor said she would use the money she earned from her adult entertainment career on OnlyFans – where she told news.com.au she was winning “Six figures a month” – to buy his own team, as part of a plan to run at next year’s iconic Bathurst 1000.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Supercars officials have called the plan a “publicity stunt” and do not expect her to apply.

“She’s just using sports to sell more videos. It’s not even worth commenting because it won’t happen, ”an official told the publication.

Gracie has a few hurdles to overcome if she wants to race in Supercars again.

She should ensure that her Superlicence is still valid and if not, ensure that she can qualify with 13 points under the FIA ​​or Motorsport Australia Superlicence point system within the past five years.

She should then either be one of the top six drivers in the Super2 series, have competed in three rounds of the Supercars Championship in the past five years, six rounds of the Supercars Super2 series in the past three years, or hold at least one. Gold FIA. Categorization of pilots.

If she does not meet the criteria, she can apply for a waiver which will be considered by Motorsport Australia and the Supercars Commission.

Speaking to news.com.au last month, Gracie said she knew the Supercars would be “the hardest to break through.” She also admitted that she would not return to win Bathurst, but rather to create new memories and experiences.

“Bathurst, I’ve been there, I did that, it’s such a crazy thing, she said. “You literally have to survive and you can do well. I think that’s another good thing about it as well, you don’t have to be the best to finish first and that has been proven time and time again. It’s just survival. These are the people who are smart, smart, who have a great team on board, who strategically managed the whole weekend well. That would be enough for me.

“For me it’s more of a celebration and I want it to be fun. I lost my passion for racing because racing was just a small part of it. All the other bullshit was just getting in the way and it would make me lose my mind. Appearance, what I looked like, meeting people and being scrutinized for absolutely everything I did, running was such a small thing.

While her Supercar plans seem to be on the back burner at the moment, Gracie is looking to raise money for the Black Dog Institute.

She has set up a charitable fundraising option on her OnlyFans page, with prizes – including mobile fans, laptops, and signed posters – to be handed out to every donor through October 31, with the aim of raise $ 10,000 for the charity.

Gracie said her social media followers chose the Black Dog Institute, a charity focused on mental health.

“I have wanted to raise money for charity for some time. So I asked my social media followers to suggest what sort of cause they wanted to help, ”Gracie said. “Most, if not all, of my followers are men. Many are former soldiers who suffer from PTSD. They chose mental health. I have suggested a number of mental health charities and the big winner chosen by my fans was the Black Dog Institute.

“It’s a great cause. The Black Dog Institute does a good job and we should all try to support them whenever we can. Very often men’s mental health is overlooked due to the perceived stigma when talked about and portrayed as vulnerable, but that is changing and must change.

I can’t think of a better way to reach out to my fans as well as thank them by raising funds, as well as shining a light on men’s mental health during Mental Health Month.

– News.com.au