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‘And Just Like That’ Fans Are Furious With Carrie Bradshaw’s New Scene


photo credit: HBO

It’s safe to say that And just like thatCarrie Bradshaw tends to rub fans the wrong way, and in the latest episode of the sex and the city spin off there was one particular scene that has a lot of raging fans.

Obviously SATC Fans have known for years that Carrie can be a little unreasonable at times, and throughout the six seasons of the original series, we’ve all had our anti-Carrie moments. Well, now it seems fans of the new SATC spin off And just like that have finally had it with her too, after a scene from the show’s latest episode ruffled some feathers.

photo credit: HBO

photo credit: HBO

In the seventh episode of the new series, fans saw Carrie sign up for a dating app, encouraged by new boyfriend and real estate agent Seema (Sarita Choudhury). After going through just three profiles, Carrie quickly matches up with her very first “loved” candidate, another widower named Peter who, so far, seems like a dream come true. This didn’t sit well with fans who were quick to decry the show’s unrealistic portrayal of dating apps.

Okay, so they’re not wrong. Three swipes and a perfect match doesn’t seem exactly realistic, but remember this is the world where Carrie had this apartment and this lifestyle on one column per week. Not that we are bitter…

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