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Bachelor Clayton Echard called a ‘serial swiper’ who sent women ‘creepy pickup lines’ on dating apps before TV stardom


CLAYTON Echard has been called a “serial swiper” by several women who said they received “creepy pickup lines” from him on dating apps.

The prickly claims came before his TV fame, The Sun can exclusively report.


Bachelor Clayton Echard has been called a ‘serial swiper’ by several womenCredit: Instagram/@clatonechard
Who said he sent them


Who claimed he sent them ‘creepy pick-up lines’ before his TV fameCredit: ABC

Clayton, 28, received a less than rosy reception from Bachelor fans.

It was called “toxic” after a dramatic first act of the two-part finale on March 14 left finalists Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey in tears.

However, when it was announced that he would be the next bachelor in November, more mixed reviews for the season 26 star surfaced off-screen.

A TikTok went viral in January 2022 captioned “Mizzou girls got all the tea for this one,” apparently referencing the University of Missouri, which Clayton attended on a football scholarship.

Many users in the area commented on the post, sharing their alleged separate accounts of interactions with Hinge and Bumble they had with him.

A few have also doubled down on their stories of “strange” dates and app interactions with The Sun, which have not been verified at this time.

One unconfirmed exchange saw the footballer allegedly ‘ran away’ after dating in 2020 and another claimed he sent her a proposal on Hinge of a different ‘nature’.

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A user named Allison commented on the original TikTok: “I matched him on Hinge in January 2020 and he said he wanted me to ‘climb him like a tree’.

“…not the worst story about him, but he’s definitely a creeper.”

She expanded on The Sun’s splashy unsubstantiated claim, saying, “He messaged me first.”

“Nothing extraordinary struck me [about his Hinge profile]I knew he was in hospital [based on his photos].”

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“Then he said, ‘I want you to climb on me like on a tree’, and that surprised me.

“Like ‘woah’ yeah, I don’t remember initiating that kind of conversation with him,” she alleged.

She noted of dating app culture: “Obviously guys say scary stuff all the time, but it stuck with me.

“As soon as I heard he was single, I was like oh my god, that’s the guy who told me that,” she claimed.

“His comment didn’t necessarily make me feel like a scary guy – just ‘this guy’s trying to get him in’.”

The Sun contacted ABC representatives for comment, but did not receive a response on the multiple unverified accounts.


Another user named Shawn who commented on the post told The Sun that his friend was in a relationship with Clayton in 2020, which led to a “strange” night for all.

Her unconfirmed interaction involved the star meeting her friend at a bar and after they become romantic, they hurriedly leave.

“[My friend] corresponded with a group of people and met them [while we were] outside.”

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“It was my 21st birthday [and we celebrated] in St. Louis, in the same neighborhood as him,” Shawn shared, saying she had been out to a bar and was staying at an Airbnb with her large group of friends.

It was then that the former NFL player allegedly showed his true colors to Shawn’s friend whom she claimed tried to sue.

“We couldn’t even meet him [Clayton] at the bar, they [her friend and the future Bachelor] just left [together]and as soon as we arrived [at the Airbnb] he didn’t want to be there anymore.”

“He didn’t want anything to do with her or be with us when they weren’t dating,” Shawn said of Clayton’s behavior when they finally met him.

She alleged when they returned to the shared house to find him and his friend there: ‘He ran away so fast, it was funny’

“She [the friend] said it was very awkward the whole time, there was no conversation,” Shawn said of the supposed encounter.

“He can’t even hold a conversation, like what?”

“As soon as he left, she was like, ‘This is the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me.'”

“When we saw that he became The Bachelor, we were like ‘wait what?’ We thought it was funny and a coincidence,” she concluded with her wild statement.


A third user named Sarah posted her own TikTok which went viral when the show premiered and fans didn’t like Clayton.

She explained that they never met but simply messaged in 2019 and then again “two years later”, sharing their alleged but unconfirmed exchange.

He wrote, in part, “I haven’t seen you meet Bumble yet.”

Another TikTok user alleged she messaged Clayton but they didn't meet


Another TikTok user alleged she messaged Clayton but they didn’t meetCredit: Unknown, clear with photo office
He seemed surprised that he


He seemed surprised he “hasn’t met her yet” on BumbleCredit: Unknown, clear with photo office

“Once the season started, I reposted [my TikTok] … and [in the comments] all these girls are like ‘Oh my God, I saw it on Bumble too, it happened to me.’

She slammed the seemingly busy bachelor, “From what it looks like, he’s a serial swiper.”


During the dramatic first episode of the two-part finale, Clayton brought Rachel and Gabby to tears after revealing that he loved them and was intimate with both of them.

Clayton decided earlier that his heart was still with Susie Evans, who still revealed herself in Iceland.

Susie left the show last week after saying she couldn’t move forward with Clayton if he had been intimate with other women in the Fantasy Suites.

Clayton spoke to a shocked Rachel and Gabby to explain why she went home during the finale.

He said, “I was in love with her. I’m in love with you two. I was also intimate with you two.”

Both women were devastated by Clayton’s confession and reluctantly agreed after Gabby left the scene and then returned.

Clayton’s parents met and seemed to immediately warm up to the two women before he admitted he couldn’t stop thinking about Susie, bursting into tears.

One user wrote of the finale, “Anything that comes out of Clayton’s mouth is just toxic.”

Clayton was introduced to Bachelor Nation on Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette, which aired in 2021.

He is from Eureka, Missouri, and was previously a professional football player, signing with the Seattle Seahawks in 2016.

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It’s unclear when he left the NFL but according to his Instagram bio, he’s now in orthopedic sales.

Eliminated contestant Teddi also alleged that Clayton’s brother DMed her during Women Tell All, which Clayton took to Twitter to snap, asking for “receipts.”

Bachelor Clayton Echard has been called a 'serial swiper' by several women


Bachelor Clayton Echard has been called a ‘serial swiper’ by several womenCredit: Instagram/@claytonechard
Their unconfirmed claims included 'scary pickup lines' in the 'years' before his TV fame


Their unconfirmed claims included ‘creepy pick-up lines’ in the ‘years’ before his TV fameCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Finalists Gabby and Rachel reluctantly accepted roses from her before part two of the season finale


Finalists Gabby and Rachel reluctantly accepted roses from her before part two of the season finaleCredit: ABC

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