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Biden presents ‘historic’ spending plan to transform America


Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, conservative Democratic senators who delayed the social spending component, calling it too expensive, looked positive but did not commit to backing Biden’s cadre.

Another major figure in the negotiations, left-wing Senator Bernie Sanders, said he saw “major flaws” in the plan.


But Biden has made a plea for his party to finally put aside its divisions and get on board.

“We’ve spent hours and hours and hours for months and months working on this,” Biden said.

“No one got everything they wanted, including me, but that’s the compromise. It’s the consensus, and that’s what I ran for.”

The 78-year-old president had hoped to get a vote in Congress before flying to Rome and then next week to a UN climate summit in Glasgow.

But while Democrats control both houses of Congress, the margins are so narrow – with only an advantage of one vote in the Senate and a handful in the House – that passing major legislation is complicated.

Biden has already made big compromises, seeing his initial US $ 3.5 trillion wishlist for social spending cut to about half.

But at this point, even the reduced spending framework would represent a major legislative victory a year after Biden defeated Donald Trump with the promise to heal America’s “soul”.

And despite the Democratic debate continuing, a senior White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said: “The president believes this cadre will win the support of the 50 Democratic senators and pass the House.”

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez said he wanted more details, expressing disappointment over the abandonment of state and local tax breaks and prescription drug price reform.

“I’ve been around long enough to know that what’s in the legislation is critically important… I see the framework as an opportunity to achieve the end goal,” he told MSNBC.

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