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Bitcci Boosts Next Generation Adult Industry


Founded in 2017 by its CEO Christoph Elbert, bitcci is coined from the infamous OG cryptocurrency “Bitcoin”, the feminine slang term “slut” and a famous Italian clothing brand.

All over the world, the demand for the adult industry has increased over the years.

In fact, there are approximately 40 million adult workers in the world. Among the most obvious problems in the escort industry is the perception among women involved in this profession and the legality of consuming the services they offer.

As a result, an underground economy is developing. bitcci, a Swiss blockchain-based company, aims to change the landscape of the adult industry by introducing new nightclubs, IT platforms, apps, portals and payment solutions.

The bitcci AG group is ready to offer a new image and a cultural and innovative change to the adult industry; in particular on the operation of new nightclubs, the occupation of adult worker and the consumption of escort services.

The bitcci ecosystem powers all kinds of professional adult services and is reshaping the overall customer experience and their adult consumption habits.

In collaboration with regulatory authorities, bitcci plans to develop transparent, modern and efficient solutions that will eliminate the negative implications of this industry.

Currently, the bitcci AG group has launched the initial coin offering (ICO) of the official currency of its innovative escort ecosystem – the bitcci cash token.

Its main achievement so far has been the private pre-sale of the bitcci cash token.

It sold out in just 15 days and CHF 1m was raised in the first two weeks of July 2021. The money raised will be used to build brand awareness and strengthen bitcci’s head office in Zug, Switzerland. Swiss.

To attract more individuals, investors and entities, 200 large street banners will be placed in the hot spots of the Crypto Valley in Switzerland at the end of August 2021.

Currently, they are members of several blockchain associations in Europe. With this in mind, the bitcci club management software “bitcci Club” is already working successfully in four of the largest saunas in Switzerland.


As the bitcci team strives for the validity of the nature of the adult entertainment industry, their business model includes various aspects for the benefit of government.

Its “bitcci Connect” authority interface allows commercial police as well as migration and tax authorities to directly access the bitcci database. These include all personal data of adult workers registered with bitcci clubs.

bitcci.id is the premier identification and forensic verification system for the adult industry. This means that the validity of the identity documents of interested partners can be verified within seconds.

Powered by blockchain and AI, photos / selfies can be compared using a face matching process and cross-checked against criminal databases. With bitcci.id, the eligibility screening process takes place.

Those who do not yet have a criminal record and are not on bitcci “blacklists” can sign up to be part of the bitcci ecosystem. With this decentralized system, more than 9,000 different types of identity documents from 193 countries in 130 languages ​​can be verified.

Another feature is the bitcci API. It will be a modern approach to connecting clubs, platforms and software applications in a single interface.

It will allow external partners to use the advantages of the bitcci IT platform to optimize their business processes and easily develop additional sources of income.

In addition, the authorities will access the bitcci system through the bitcci API.

Future plans

The bitcci Group AG is supported by listed companies along with two others – the “bitcci Building AG”, a real estate company and the “bitcci Club AG”, a club operating company, which will be founded before the end of the year. ‘year.

In addition, it is planned to buy 10 sites in Europe where five new Bitcci nightclubs will be operated. The bitcci.com portal and the bitcci app are also expected to have 1 million registered escort workers by the end of Q4 2022.


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