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Build-a-Bear launches a range of “adult” bears for “After Dark”


Build-a-Bear, the teddy bear and other stuffed animal retailers, has launched a line of adult-themed bears titled its “After Dark” collection.

The “After Dark” collection, which debuted just in time for Valentine’s Day, asks visitors to its website to ensure they are 18 or older before entering the site.

“Who said stuffed animals were just for kids? Why should they have fun? The Build-A-Bear stuffed animal gift collection has something for everyone, including stuffed animals for adults who are just kids at heart,” a promo on the site bed.

However, the bears in the “After Dark” collection don’t seem to cross the line into getting overtly raunchy.

Most bears hold wine, wear only boxers, or wear shirts that state “I want to take you”.

When the cursor hovers over a bear on the website, the outfit disappears, revealing a regular teddy bear with no clothes on.

In addition to Valentine’s Day, adult-themed bears, Build-a-Bear, which launched in 1997, offers stuffed animals from a range of collaborations with brands like “Star Wars” and the Nintendo game “Animal Crossing”.