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‘Charlie Spice’ wants dialogue with officials over sex worker protection plans


Charles Adult Entertainment Lawyer Charly Spice up Lewis offers assistance to authorities in developing a regulatory framework for the protection of sex workers that includes finding safer places for them to operate.

Following revelations from Individual Empowerment and Elder Affairs Minister Kirk Humphrey last weekend that the government was moving towards protecting sex workers, Lewis said Barbados TODAY he is willing to help in this regard, as he insists that action must be taken without delay.

“I would like to have some kind of dialogue. I would like to be part of this narrative to put in place measures to protect sex workers, said Lewis, president of the Global Adult Industry Association.

He also called on all non-governmental organizations involved in the fight against the plight of prostitutes, as well as other government agencies to pool their resources and act quickly to act in the best interest of these workers.

His comments follow the recent shooting death of 44-year-old Guyanese Caroline Baird – a tragedy he hopes will spark improvements for those involved in the industry.

“I am extremely disturbed that it took the death of a sex worker for the government to consider putting in place a framework to protect sex workers. I’ve been lobbying and advocating for this for years and it’s fallen on deaf ears so far,” Lewis said.

“So I’m very happy that some steps are being taken to protect sex workers and make them feel that their rights won’t be violated, because people seem to think they can do whatever they want to sex workers and nothing will happen to them.”

According to police reports, at around 11:15 p.m. last Friday, Baird died instantly after being shot behind the grandstand at Garrison Savannah in the Bush Hill area of ​​St Michael.

The mother-of-four who resided in Dalkeith Hill, St Michael and was identified by her 23-year-old son, was believed to have been involved in a struggle with a number of people in a motor vehicle when she suffered the fatal injury.

“When I first heard about it, my first emotion was anger, then at the government for not meeting this need years ago. I’m sad for the family. I couldn’t wait to reach out to offer my condolences,” Lewis said.

“Let’s hope the government won’t just give them a lip service and do something about it.” There are other countries in the world that have already taken steps in this direction and Barbados is slow to join the party. We have to do it now.

In another section of the media, Minister Humphrey reportedly said that while other countries have legalized sex work and even implemented measures to ensure the safety of those involved, Barbados has yet to take such action. measures.

He said efforts must be made to continue reaching out to women who are already on the streets and stepping in to help them change their lives.

Lewis lamented that over the years there have been reported and unreported instances of sex workers being raped, assaulted, abused and exploited in various ways.

He said many of them refuse to make formal complaints to the police because they don’t think they will get satisfaction since prostitution remains illegal here.

“Nobody wants to do anything until something has happened to them or someone they know. So maybe now is a good time for both sides of the fence to come together and s ‘involved in this narrative and making things happen,’ Lewis said.

Baird’s murder wasn’t the only violent crime against a sex worker in recent times.

In August 2021, the naked body of a Jamaican national, believed to be a prostitute, was discovered in Beckwith Street, The City, in an abandoned house. In 2019 and 2020, the bodies of several other women were also discovered.

On August 8, 2020, well-known sex worker Nakita muscle cat Jones was repeatedly attacked and stabbed in the compound of the former Ministry of Health in Jemmott’s Lane, St Michael.

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