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Comment: Masks on the outside are no longer mandatory but they help some to feel more confident about their appearance


Other dating hopefuls have used face masks to their advantage, so much so that in South Korea, some sites limit users to uploading a single masked photo of themselves.

As superficial as it may seem, being physically attracted is still important when looking for a romantic partner.

Without a mask warrant outside now, victims of mask fishing will be able to see someone’s bare face much earlier in the date, rather than only being “surprised” when the food arrives. Maybe having more time to adjust to someone’s maskless appearance might help them overcome their first judgment.


With face masks no longer needed outdoors, I wonder if some of us are feeling a bit lost. After all, we spent two years dutifully masked from the time we stepped out of the house, and now it’s up to our discretion to continue doing so.

Those of us who feel more confident with masks on might be less willing to give them up so quickly. Some research acknowledges that people with social anxiety feel safer wearing masks, not only to protect against COVID-19 infection, but also to hide any visible discomfort related to their appearance.

While I would put on a mask if it’s busy or when I feel bad, I’ll be happy to have the option of not wearing one outside.

On days when I feel like it, I could go all out with full makeup and the brightest, boldest lipstick. And on days when I can’t find the time, you bet I’ll go back to my glasses-cap-and-mask look. I see him as having the best of both worlds.

Above all, I will finally get rid of my mask of the past two years, which was made worse mainly by wearing masks outdoors in the hot and humid weather in Singapore. If you catch me at a picnic with my family, chances are you’ll see me enjoying their company and the great outdoors without a mask.

Kristen Juliet Soh is the editorial director and co-founder of Daily Vanity.