Without it, there is no financial support from the bank. A positively assessed creditworthiness is a green light for those seeking help in budgetary matters. What important role does it play, and what is its secret? We will try to answer these questions in this article.

Creditworthiness and not only in numbers

Creditworthiness and not only in numbers

The assessment of creditworthiness allows the bank to assess whether the applicant is able to repay the debt and interest at the appointed time. Each bank has its own ways of calculating capacity. Much remains a mystery. However, there are several universal parameters taken into account in every facility.

What determines your creditworthiness?

What determines your creditworthiness?What determines your creditworthiness?

To obtain a loan, several conditions must be met. Unfortunately, the bank’s decision will be denied without them. The institution must be certain that the borrower will pay off the debt on time, together with interest and other costs. Here are the most important elements to consider when assessing creditworthiness:

– the amount of income,

– the nature of the employment contract,

– credit history,

– current liabilities – their type and amount,

– the amount of monthly expenses – both for bills and those resulting from running a household.

Financial advisor helps

Financial advisor helps

Whether you are considering taking out a cash or mortgage loan, you must contact a financial advisor. An experienced specialist operates in Podkarpackie and Małopolska, which has hundreds of successful transactions with both individual and corporate clients. In the case of loans for a purpose, any decision can be obtained in as little as a quarter! In addition, financial advisor does not require a large number of documents from those interested in the loan – formalities are limited to the necessary minimum. In many cases, it is enough to make a positive statement to receive a positive decision. Then no documents from the employer, the Tax Office or bank statements are required.

Creditworthiness not only for an indefinite employment contract!


It is said that you will only receive money from the bank if you are employed under a contract of employment for an indefinite period. This is a myth! creditworthiness and in other cities is also rated positively for other forms of work. Note – when deciding on a cash loan for any purpose through – you do not have to have a contract for an indefinite period. A contract for a year, an order, a specific task. You can also choose the best loan repayment time. We grant credit for no period of six to 120 months without collateral.