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Dakota Wesleyan University NIL (Name, Image and Likeness) Guidelines


In the fall of 2020, NAIA members passed new legislation that allows student-athletes to enjoy their name, image, and likeness (NIL) without violating NAIA amateurism rules.

Dakota Wesleyan University fully supports, but does not initiate, NIL agreements. The student-athlete is responsible for finding or negotiating NIL opportunities. NIL is a rapidly evolving subject and as such the following information will be subject to continual review and revision as circumstances, laws, regulations and policies change.

NIL agreements traditionally occur when a third party (individual, company, etc.) offers a student-athlete compensation for their name, image and likeness, coupled with a reference to their status as a participant in a program of Dakota Wesleyan athletics. When such an agreement is reached, the student-athlete must formally declare the compensation by following the steps below.

NIL Agreement Reporting Process

  1. If a student-athlete enters into a NIL agreement, they must report any compensation to Dakota Wesleyan Athletic Director (Jon Hart | [email protected] | 605-995-2898)
  2. The student-athlete must complete the form on this page: https://www.naia.org/membership/nil-submit-details

This form is forwarded to the NAIA, who will in turn contact the DWU Athletic Director to acknowledge receipt and confirm the agreement. Failure to report Void agreements will result in review by the National Coordinating Committee.

Before entering into a NIL agreement, we encourage student-athletes to consider the following:

  • Have someone review any contract before you sign it.
  • Be aware that receiving compensation for NIL could impact financial aid, especially for those receiving Pell grants. Student-athletes are encouraged to consult with the financial aid office to fully understand these potential impacts.
  • Be aware of the businesses you are being asked to promote and the impact that promotion may have on your personal brand and Dakota Wesleyan values.
  • When presented with a partnership, seek advice from your coaches, friends, family, teachers and others who can help you determine if such an agreement is right for you.

DWU Terms of NIL Agreements

  • Properly notify and report NIL agreements to DWU Athletic personnel and NAIA
  • Any promotional materials or publications for outside entities that include the Dakota Wesleyan brand must be pre-approved by a DWU marketing or athletics staff member.
  • Student-athletes may not allow NIL activities/participation to interfere with academic or athletic obligations
  • Student-athletes must not use their NIL to promote gambling, alcoholic products, tobacco products, adult entertainment, NAIA banned substances, or other illegal products or services. Dakota Wesleyan Athletics staff and administration have discretion to deem partnerships inappropriate, which may impact a student’s academic and athletic status.

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