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DAS Audio injects a new level of energy into the cheetah


Atlanta, Georgia – October 2021 … Located in bustling downtown Atlanta and surrounded by lofts and skyscrapers, the Southeast’s most renowned men’s club, The Cheetah, is home to the legendary CheetahGirls, the southern finest adult performers. The Cheetah meets the highest expectations in adult entertainment and has hosted thousands of dedicated conventioneers, businessmen and local patrons for over 40 years. The Cheetah recently underwent a complete makeover that included lighting and visuals in addition to a new, much better sound system. And at the heart of the new audio system are speakers taken from the E11EVEN Sound and Vantec catalogs of DAS Audio, based in Valencia, Spain.

idesign, a full-service Miami FL-based lighting, video and audio company that caters to high-end establishments such as nightclubs, lounges, hotels, resorts and restaurants from around the world, was contracted to design and deploy the new audiovisual configuration at Le Guépard. Working closely with John Fiorito, DAS Audio of America’s National Sales Director for Nightclubs and Hospitality on the sound portion of the project, IDESIGN owner and senior lighting / video designer Michael Meacham designed a breathtaking setup including video cubes, strobes, lasers and video displays in addition to the DAS E11EVEN Sound and Vantec speakers. Meacham discussed the project.

“Cheetah’s main hall / DJ booth is at the heart of everything, Meacham reports. “These areas use a combination of live music and DJs. Here, we’ve deployed a combination of four E11EVEN Sound ES-112 3-way passive point source loudspeakers — each consisting of a 12-inch midrange horn, an M-75N neodymium compression driver, and two bullet tweeters for the high end. These are mated to eight E11EVEN Sound ES-215 passive subwoofers, each enclosure containing two 15-inch neodymium transducers. To complete the setup, there are also four E11EVEN Sound ES-221 2 X 8800W floor-stackable subwoofers, each equipped with two 21-inch transducers and 6-inch voice coils in a cross-beam speaker setup.

“For the DJ booth,” continued Meacham, “there is a combination of four DAS Audio VANTEC-20A active curve source line array speakers serving as monitors. Each speaker is equipped with a low frequency driver, a high frequency driver and a horn / waveguide. These are accompanied by two VANTEC-18A powered subwoofers, each speaker being fitted with an 18-inch transducer.

The task of playing music throughout the restaurant is carried out by a total of eight DAS E11EVEN Sound ES-26 2-way passive point source speakers. Each box consists of a combination of twin 6-inch transducers coupled to a DAS Audio M-34 compression driver. To complete the configuration, the various E11EVEN Sound speaker systems are driven by a total of fourteen DAS Audio EP Series Class D power amplifiers working in conjunction with four DAS IO48 digital signal processors.

When asked about the E11EVEN Sound speakers, Meacham discussed the attributes that he says really stand out: “The DAS E11EVEN Sound speakers are a top-notch product specifically designed for venues like The Cheetah. They produce very high sound pressure levels with the utmost clarity. The speakers are custom made and have a variety of horn cover designs available to ensure there will be no dead zones and superb coverage throughout the venue.

With sophisticated facilities like that of The Cheetah, questions invariably arise. For this reason, responsive and knowledgeable support services are essential to keep a project on track. In this regard, Meacham was very complimentary of DAS Audio. “DAS Audio is the only manufacturer that provides direct assistance to the installation dealer, including design, project management and site visits, while ensuring that the audio system is perfect and the customer is 100% satisfied. %”, did he declare. “Their products also have the best warranty in the industry – 5 years with immediate replacement in the event of failure – at no cost to the customer. You can’t beat that!

Jack Braglia, owner of Cheetah Lounge, knew the time had come for the venue to undergo a massive renovation. After several months of hard work and challenges, he is delighted with the DAS Audio E11EVEN sound setup as well as the installed lighting and video systems. The lighting, video and audio systems go beyond anything Jack intended. The Cheetah is quickly becoming a destination of choice, a southeastern cabaret-style club for DJs and celebrities.

For more information on The Cheetah, visit www.thecheetah.com. For more information about idesign, visit the company’s website at https://idesignproductions.com/.

About DAS Audio

Based in Valencia, Spain, DAS Audio is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of speaker systems, power amplification, signal processing and related components. DAS Audio products are on tour with the world’s greatest artists and installed in many of the most prestigious facilities. For more information about DAS Audio, visit the company online at www.dasaudio.com.

Photo credit: Adi Adinayev