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Dating app puts up billboard in Times Square to help woman


Dating is really difficult. Especially for people over 30. As someone who has been through this, I can honestly attest that this is a full time job. Dating apps take time: you have to create an attractive profile, choose the best photos to represent you, and make sure your intentions are clear. Usually you do this for more than one dating app at a time. Forget the emotional and time investment it takes to go to apps and find an actual date. Your thumb will get tired from all the swiping right and left. It’s no wonder some people give up.

Sha Tabb was one such woman. She decided enough was enough and deleted all her dating apps. But then his friends intervened. They took matters into their own hands to find a date for their friend, a former NFL cheerleader who now works as a traffic reporter. And Tabb absolutely let them.

“My love life seems non-existent,” Tabb told PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. “For a while, I didn’t mind not dating. I was on a few apps, I was going out on dates, and then the guys ghosted me. I was like, ‘Okay, c’mon. is “not working for me. I know it worked for a lot of other people, but it just doesn’t work for me. “So I pulled out of apps.”

Her friend Jacqui Duran, who had met Tabb around 11 years ago when they were working together, heard about an app called Wingman after reading a story about a woman whose mother used the app to create a profile. for her. So, at his birthday dinner, Duran, along with fellow friend and former colleague Sheri Ralliford, pitched Tabb the idea of ​​allowing them to resume his dating life. Tabb agreed to let his friends do the heavy lifting of dating for a while.

Sha Tabb’s friends created a dating profile for her through the Wingman app.

Wingman app

In February, the friends created Tabb’s profile on Wingman, hoping to find their love interest friend. Sometime later, Wingman CEO Tina Wilson found Tabb’s profile and asked the team to turn it into a 48-foot billboard in Times Square. The billboard was installed on May 3 and will last until June 19. Wilson told PEOPLE that Tabb’s story “shows that you can be beautiful inside and out, even a professional cheerleader, and still struggle to find the right partner.” .

It’s absolutely crazy to imagine what it must be like to have your dating profile broadcast in Times Square of all places. Tabb takes it all in stride so far.

“I’ve done modeling in the past so I’ve had my face on things, but normally I promote other things for people or other products. Now I promote myself,” she said.

This is all so amazing, but where did Wingman come from? The dating app was created by Tina Wilson at a time when she was single and her friends were all pretty much married. A self-proclaimed “cupid,” Wilson wanted to put his skills to good use. “The ability to help our friends find someone is a very deep instinct for many, many people and I wanted to create a constructive outlet for that desire,” she says on her website.

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Sha Tabb has a profile on Wingman, where his friends are trying to find him a date.

Wingman App

And that’s what Wingman is: you give your friends control of your love life (but only if you trust them of course!). They are completely in control, they write your profile and tell people why they should date you. And then they decide who you end up dating.

“Wingman lets those who know you best choose who you should date,” according to the company’s website. Additionally, the app “aims to bring friends together and redefine the online dating game” by allowing friends to create profiles rather than the single person themselves.

Tabb has no doubt that her friends will choose someone good for her – their friendship is strong enough that she thinks they know who she should date. “They are completely my wing women and my matchmaker,” she said.

Hoping that his friends find him someone (or several) who corresponds to him perfectly.