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39% tried a video date as their first date in 2021

There has been a positive change in the way people view online dating after a year of social distancing measures. It’s no surprise that people have adapted to new ways of communicating and dating to find and explore meaningful connections during the pandemic.

According to a Bumble report, 72% of Indian singles surveyed believe it’s possible to fall in love with someone online that they’ve never met in person. 45% of Indian singles surveyed believe virtual or online dating is the normal way to date in India. 37% of single Indians surveyed say they have noticed a drop in cat fishing when dating during this pandemic. 34% of single Indians surveyed say they have noticed a drop in ghost images when dating throughout the pandemic.

“The pandemic has brought about significant changes in our dating choices and behaviors as single Indians navigate this new dating world. This past year, which people have been on lockdown, has given them the opportunity to focus on what they are really looking for in dating. There is a renewed sense of clarity and confidence in taking control of their love life as they navigate new dating rules, both virtually and in person. As our recent research illustrates, singles in India are more intentional than ever in their dating decisions and prioritize safety and compatibility as vaccinations increase in India, ”said Samarpita Samaddar, Director of Dating. communications, Bumble India.

Bumble revealed how the pandemic shaped the way single Indians date, especially after Wave 2. With a wider roll-out of vaccinations among younger age groups in India, more than one in three (33%) of those surveyed have hopes of dating in 2021.

The dating platform also found that people are now dating more intentionally than before the pandemic, they are more honest about what they are looking for in a relationship, whether it is casual or serious. In fact, 74% of single Indian respondents believe there is a decline in negative dating behaviors such as ghosting, breadcrumbs, cat fishing, among others.

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Another dating app, Aisle, suggests that the only thing singles look for on dating apps is to establish the intent of the user they’ve partnered with. It’s much more difficult on casual dating apps compared to other platforms.

Aisle also found that almost 50 percent of women want to settle in a year, compared to just 38 percent of men. In the past year alone, there has been an exponential 300% increase in invitations sent out by women. 55% of women are switching to a premium membership, which shows that women are increasingly interested in the central position to find a partner, he added.

People find virtual dates a safer way to engage with someone they’ve met online before they decide to meet in person. The Bumble Report states that 39% have tried a video date as their first date in 2021. In fact, the most popular reason (48%) that single Indian respondents enjoy virtual dating is because they feel more safe than meeting someone in person for the first time. time.

After the recent second wave of the pandemic in India, safety is still a priority and many people continue to prioritize discussions of COVID vaccination precautions and statuses before meeting someone in person for the first time, added the Bumble report.

Aisle’s report highlighted lockdown and social distancing, proximity has taken a back seat and engaging conversations have become a top priority. In 2020-2021, 86% of women were matched with men who were in different geographic locations.

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