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Planning on going out with this holiday season? Shahzeen Shivdasani lists some conversation starters that will help you take the first step

Whether it’s snuggling together in front of a crackling fireplace or sipping hot chocolate on a winter morning, dating during the winter holidays can be very romantic. With the end of the year and the start of the holiday season, dating apps are a great place for that sporadic encounter.

While breaking the ice can be exciting, it can be stressful at times, especially when you want to release something more than just a “hello” and end of the year greetings! To help you get through the pressures of the perfect conversation starter, here are a few conversation starters that are sure to let you make the most of dating this holiday season and add that spark to your opening game:

Go ahead and find your type

Travel mode on Bumble activated? Someone’s profile caught your eye and you were a match? Ask them if they would do a quick round with you. Have fun! It’s fair to say that for any connection to be successful, you need to know the person better, including their preferences and hobbies.

New Years Resolutions

What is this resolution that they always take but never keep? Everyone loves a good list of goals to accomplish, and a good conversation starter can learn about those that are individually difficult to keep.

Songs we love to hate

The holidays are a time when special music playlists are taking over all platforms. Ask yourself about your favorite vacation playlist.

Compliments go a long way

Pay attention to their profile. Notice something unique? If you like something in someone’s profile, compliment them or ask them other questions about something that catches your eye.

Don’t miss their vacation plan

Instead of asking them what they’re doing for Christmas or New Years Eve this year, ask your partner, “How are you celebrating the holidays this year?” Take them up a notch by inviting them to a New Years Eve party and see if they would be open on a match date. Do they have family vacation traditions? Share the unique things you do with your time this season.

Take the first festive step

With these first lines to put your game in the spirit of the season:

-If you could only listen to one festive song for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

– What is your favorite holiday tradition?

-What is the best gift that you were given during the holidays when you were a child?

-What is your favorite holiday movie? I need recs!

-I think that says a lot about a person: are you buying holiday gifts in advance or at the very last minute?

-Hey! I love the travel photos on your profile. Do you have winter vacation plans?

December can be a great time to be proactive and get to know someone. Remember, don’t put the pressure on yourself, always be genuine yourself and just have fun with it.

(The author is a relationship expert at Bumble.)