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David Makhura applauds Zwartkops Raceway’s drive-thru vaccination site


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Pretoria – Gauteng Prime Minister David Makhura applauded the Zwartkops Racecourse drive-thru vaccination site along the R55 for helping the government vaccinate 11 million adults in the province.

Makhura was speaking at the racetrack site where he praised the volunteers for ensuring the site reached its first milestone of 5,000 vaccinations in just 10 days since it opened.

According to the Makhura, the drive-thru site was the busiest site in the province and, thanks to the dedication of the volunteers, was vaccinating at least 500 people a day and even performing 1,000 vaccinations during their first weekend initiative. .

“I want to thank the volunteers here and urge them to push for us to achieve at least 1,000 vaccinations per day. To help them with their initiative, we will also be bringing an additional pop-up site here.”

“We will do what we can to increase the capacity so that people don’t take too long to get vaccinated. We are going everywhere because Gauteng has a high to climb because we only hit 1.1 million out of 11 million. adults and we still have a long way to go. “

On a positive note, Makhura said they were happy that after sounding the alarm two weeks before about the low number of men coming in for their jabs, they noticed a remarkable improvement.

More men reportedly went to sites to be vaccinated on Friday, with participation increasing 1.5%.

“What is good to see is that more men, especially young men, are now leading the vaccination and I want to say well done to them because we are at least at 44.5%.”

The government would not drop the ball, however, to bring in more men to get vaccinated by ensuring that they get to where they are, whether it is their workplace, transport nodes or in the factories.

Makhura said they are also engaging various sectors to see how the government could encourage the immunization program with meetings still ongoing.

“We’re still monitoring the numbers, but the average number of people hospitalized over the past few days and the positivity rate in the province have dropped to around 11%. And once it drops below 10%, we know that we have to prepare for the next wave according to scientists’ predictions. “

Despite this looming possibility, Makhura said the province would hopefully be in a much better place when the time comes.

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