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Director and producer Hanoch Rosènn discusses the inspiration behind “Rouge” in Las Vegas


Director and producer Hanoch Rosènn has had a significant impact on the Las Vegas live entertainment landscape in recent years with the success of two very Vegas family-friendly productions—WOW at the Rio and Extravagance at Bally’s. This summer he saw a new project come to fruition, a unique take on a more grown-up genre of show, when he opened Red at La STRAT. We reached out to this creative force to find out what sets this sexy new show apart.

Red falls into the category of other topless burlesque-style shows in Las Vegas, but this is very different. What inspired its creation?

It’s hard to explain what this is going to be. I think you have to see it to really understand what it is. It’s a topless show, but it’s very artistic, and it’s the first time I’ve done something like that. I saw almost every show in Vegas including the female revues and most of the male revues. I had also seen Zumanity, a great source of inspiration for all of us. What started 17 years ago was really something. There’s really nothing out there now that combines men and women with this scale, the show of a big show. That’s what it is, a big show in a small theater.

Was it something you put together specifically for The STRAT Theatre, or had it been in development for a while?

I had this show in my head for a long time, probably a few years, and I knew I wanted to do it because I saw what was around town and around the world. It’s very modern. The music is up to date and it’s not like the showgirls and topless revues of the past, it wasn’t my inspiration. I would say my inspiration was (the movie) Fifty Shades of Grey, and really just the common, everyday couple, portrayed in the opening scene.

How does this scene set the tone for the rest of the series?

You see them in bed saying, “Oh, I have a headache, I’m tired, maybe tomorrow.” We all go through this. And suddenly you see those hands coming up in bed, and soon we’re filling the stage with this huge lingerie party.

Why was it important for Red To be accessible ?

It’s not just about having these magnificent dancers, acrobats and performers. It’s about the freedom of the body and feeling good about yourself. And I felt that the connection between the performers doesn’t have to be female to male, it could be male to male or female to female or whatever, and we want to show that connection on stage in an artistic way .

The comedic and acrobatic elements of Rouge really stand out in the intimacy of STRAT Theater.

The theater is very comfortable, although it can accommodate around 650 people for our show. The lighting is great. People can walk in and see all these characters all around them and it’s a shock how close it is. It’s a good theater for me, with lots of booths and tables, and it’s perfect for me to match what (The STRAT) wanted for a real late night show.

The STRAT, 18+. 702.380.7777

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