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Enjoy DC among wonderful trees, from cherry blossoms to the tree of life

On the south side of the National Mall you’ll find the United States Botanical Garden, the oldest in North America, established by the United States Congress in 1920. The garden has promoted the beauty and utility of plants ever since. 200 years. . A living plant museum accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, the institution is a wealth of information on the fundamental value and diversity of plants. Through tours and programs (which always promote sustainability), visitors of all ages learn about the aesthetic, cultural, economic, therapeutic and ecological importance of plants. Don’t forget to visit the Conservatory, which houses the Tree of Life (or Lignum vitae). This endangered tree species, native to most of the Caribbean, has been devastated by deforestation and development.

Did you know that Rome is not the only place to “walk in Spain”? Next, you’ll find DC’s Spanish Steps in the Kalorama Heights neighborhood, where you’ll find a row of embassies along Massachusetts Avenue and Mitchell Park, which features athletic fields, a basketball court, and iconic Steps. Dating from 1911, they climb four levels to a decorative fountain. This series of steps and terraces, also known as the Decatur Terrace, leads to a tree-lover’s sanctuary right in the middle of town. It’s easy to relax in this secret garden shaded by magnolias, Easter red cedars, oaks and flowering trees.

For a delicious Japanese dinner, try Momiji’s famous sushi and other offerings. The Japanese name aptly means “autumn leaves”.

As your journey draws to a close, plan to stay in touch with the trees through the DC-based American Forests, founded in 1875. The United States’ oldest national nonprofit conservation organization serves as “pioneers for creating healthy forests from coast to coast. Cities also have forests. According to American Forests, “More than 140 million acres of American forests are located in cities and towns. Urban forestry is defined as the planting, maintenance and protection of trees in the urban and suburban environment. Washington, DC is a prime example of a city offering an excellent ecosystem for trees. As you have now seen for yourself, trees of almost every species imaginable thrive here, inspiration to take home.

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