Home Adult entertainment Fines: 10-6-22 – Lakefield Standard

Fines: 10-6-22 – Lakefield Standard


state of minnesota

Alstad, Kevin J., New Brighton, Weaving on Track Lines $140.00

Boerboom, Delaney C., Lawyer, Speed ​​$150.00

Ceplecha, Eric F., Burnsville, Speed ​​$140.00

Hernandez, Roberto, Worthington, no Minnesota driver’s license $190.00

Huerta Rosas, Luis A., Shakopee, Speed ​​$150.00

Khaoon, James, Harrisburg, SD, Speed ​​$230.00

Lutakome, Nelson, Ankeny, Iowa, Speed ​​$140.00

Margevicius, Shannon K., Mineola, NY, Speed ​​$140.00

Ollerich, Ty A., Newell, SD, seat belt required – driver and passengers must use $115.00

Ott, John T., Bloomington, Speed ​​$140.00

Peisker, Richard E., McHenry, Illinois, Speed ​​$150.00

Peterson, Ivy L., Sioux City, Iowa, Speed ​​$150.00

Schmidt, Josi M., Sioux Falls, SD, Speed ​​$140.00

Schmidt, Katelyn F., Lakefield, driver fails to stop at STOP sign $140.00

Taormina, Salvatore J., Monaca, PA, Speed ​​$140.00

Whitlock, Elizabeth A., Sioux City, Iowa, speed $130.00

Wolbaum, Matthew S., Hopkins, Speed ​​$150.00

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

Bruxvoort, Logan H., Worthington, Under 21 alcohol consumption $190.00

Danielson, Kiarra K., Jackson, Liquor-Consumption by persons under 21 $190.00

Holm, Willard C. III, Jackson, Consumption of alcohol by persons under 21 $190.00

Ihnen, Katherin M., Round Lake, Speed ​​$230.00

Lichty, Austin C., Jackson, Liquor-Consumption by persons under 21 $190.00

Myles, Delonno A., Dolton, Illinois, Speed ​​$130.00

Nelson, Gabrielle A., Waite Park, First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct $965.00. Credit for time served 17 days. During the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th anniversaries of the conviction, the defendant must complete 120 hours of community service for victims of sexual abuse. If the defendant fails to provide his probation officer with confirmation of the completion of said 120 hours by the anniversary date of the conviction during the aforementioned years, the defendant shall serve 60 days in prison for each time he does not will not. Psycho-sexual evaluation. Follow the recommendations of the evaluation. Obey all federal and state criminal laws. Contact your probation officer within 72 hours if you have contact with law enforcement, if you are charged with a new crime, if you change your address, job or phone number. Cooperate in the search for your person, residence, vehicle, workplace, possessions and things as directed by your probation officer. Sign information releases as instructed. Donate a DNA sample when prompted. Do not use or possess firearms, ammunition or explosives. Do not register to vote or vote until you are released from probation and your civil rights are fully restored. Registration of predatory offenders required. Successfully complete programming at the institution she is currently attending. Attend a psychiatric consultation. Submit to polygraph tests as directed by the officer, do not use/possess or access via the Internet pornographic or sexually explicit material, no sex phone lines, dating services or social networks; do not enter strip clubs, adult bookstores where the main business is adult entertainment. Disclose all computers, internet-enabled devices and/or digital storage services to probation within 24 hours of possession; these devices subject to research and monitoring; comply with monitoring software at their own expense. No contact with an individual from Libya with whom he had a relationship; either be gainfully employed or work toward a graduate or technology degree. No contact with the victim(s) or the family he resides with. No contact with persons under the age of 18. Individual therapy, long-term individual therapy for people who have experienced trauma. Take your medications at the prescribed dosage and frequency.

Skow, Thomas A., Jackson, Driving After Suspension $290.00

Titterington, Shane D., Lakefield, driver does not stop at STOP sign $140.00


police department

Hageman, Kimberly A., Inver Grove Heights, conduct after revocation $290.00