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From Cupcakes to Construction: A Resource Center to Help Survivors of Sex Trafficking


A Las Vegas nonprofit that helps sex workers and trafficking survivors has a big vision for a modest building in downtown Las Vegas.

The Cupcake Girls, named after their original mission of supporting sex workers by handing out cupcakes at strip clubs, are preparing to move their national headquarters to East Charleston Boulevard, where they will serve both clients and clients. neighbors.

“We combine the mission-driven work of the nonprofit organization with the sustainability of a business open to the public,” said Amy Merrell, Executive Director of The Cupcake Girls.

In addition to serving as a resource center for “people who experience or have experienced domestic sex trafficking, or those who work in the adult entertainment industry,” Merrell said, the building will also house a shared workspace and a fresh produce market, a rarity in downtown Las Vegas.

“What we do is partner with different farmers, local markets and have cheese, eggs, fresh produce – things that people can just grab and go downtown,” he said. she declared to the state of Nevada.

In order to protect the privacy of customers and reduce the hesitation of those who need help, they will offer an offsite and more private meeting place “to ensure that their identities are kept a secret,” Merrell said.