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Goodbye Senior: Brooke Kaufman | Superior Edition 2022


I first joined The Daily because I loved writing and wanted to become a better writer. Studying journalism or communication did not interest me, but in the Daily, it does not matter much. The Daily accepts everyone, regardless of background or skill level; all you have to do is be willing to talk to others and listen to what they have to say.

For maybe the first two years, I didn’t get to know any of the other staff. I met my quarterly article requirements, writing a few more articles here and there, but until Spring 2020 – when remote working became a thing (and not just an introverted habit for me) – I remained a quiet contributor to the Daily’s network of student journalists.

And then came the pandemic. With too much to think about and not much to do, I picked up pitches. Although it would have been helpful to write across the sections, I didn’t, instead writing only for what was then known as the Arts & Hobbies section, then harassing the section editor with lots and lots of crazy emails. But it paid off! When Armon graduated (and fulfilled my dream of being featured in The Cut), he encouraged me to apply for his job, which, oddly enough, then-editor Mac accepted. . It was the best thing they could have done for me.

My year as an art editor was the boost I needed to join the Daily community. Although I’ve never met my fellow Mac editors face-to-face, I haven’t had to. Mac found a way to bring together a group of discouraged and disconnected people, giving them a purpose and a place that didn’t have to be tangible to be real. Under their guidance, I nurtured my own small community of columnists, film and music critics, museum buffs, literature buffs, outdoor adventurers and city street wanderers. It was a very happy home built from email threads, shared documents and Zoom calls – a real arts-o-rama.

I continued to write. That year, I covered the intersection of drag performance and democracy, atonement and accountability in prisons, wrongful convictions in the penal system, unromantic intimacy, apps dating in the era of escapism and the new faculty of the School of Art + Art History + Design. I also used writing as a way to grieve, sharing my experiences of leaving college while still a student following my father’s death. As much as I learned from the subjects of these stories, I also learned from the writers in my section, whose plays did the honorable job of lending narrative voices to a time of absolute disassembly. I wanted our section to encapsulate hope and art as a mechanism for getting through – through pandemic, loss, isolation, change in all its forms; I think so.

I don’t know exactly how I became an editor, but man, I’m grateful. It has been a year of intense, often forced, personal growth as I learned to take responsibility for my peers and an esteemed organization. I spent the last summer finding my footing and getting to grips with the idea of ​​people who share my age and level of experience looking to me for direction. I had to overcome my passivity and the urge to let more voices take charge, finally accepting that assertiveness doesn’t mean others know what’s best, only that they feel confident enough. confidence to speak first.

Coming back to the newsroom and overseeing such a headstrong, driven and talented editorial team was terrifying, but it also gave me an idea of ​​why The Daily continues to be good at what it does. At every stage, this year’s staff embraced change and development, striving to succeed in new areas and hone familiar ones. The editors, writers, photographers, contributors, and advertisers have been exceptional people to work with, not just because of their dedication, but because they do their jobs in service to the community.

Birthdays celebrated or not, this year has aged us all. When I look back on what we’ve accomplished – print weeklies, daily quizzes, four weekly bulletins, themed editions and quarterly special projects – I’m proud of the paper, but even more grateful to the people who keep it running.

Armon, Mac, Rachel, Estey, Martina, Dylan, Jake, Josh, Anna, Madison, Diana D., Alice and McKenna: I’m delighted to be able to thank you (most) in person for the next few weeks. Without all of you, things just wouldn’t have been done. The limit simply does not exist on the respect and admiration I have for all of you.

I can’t say if I’ve become a better writer in the past four years, but I’ve written on important topics. My relationship to writing has changed, but again, so have I. During the first months of IEC work, I became pregnant and chose to have an abortion. I never told anyone at work about it, but I found a way, again, to grieve through writing, in an article I wrote in February on the future of the right to abortion. The Daily is what constitutes my university experience, mainly because everything I have done in the newspaper is closely linked to the changes experienced in my own life. Many times I have relied on The Daily for help; I always felt he was there.

Brooke Kaufman

Editor of the Daily: fall 2018 – spring 2022

Arts & Leisure Editor: Fall 2020 – Spring 2021

Editor-in-chief: summer 2021 – spring 2022