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How I Met Your Father’s Narrator Cast Already Beats HIMYM


Casting a Sex and the City star as Future Sophie, How I Met Your Father has already beaten the HIMYM narrator because of the close connection between the shows.

The spin-off may share the same framing device as its predecessor, but How I met your father ‘the cast of the narrator is already beating how I Met Your Mother. Created by Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker, the new romantic comedy consists of 10 episodes and will be released exclusively on Hulu. Original series showrunners Carter Bays and Craig Thomas return as executive producers on How i met your father, alongside lead director Pamela Fryman, who also directs the pilot of the spin-off.

How i met your father sees Sophie (Hillary Duff) telling her son about how she finally met his father, the main storyline being set in New York City in 2021. Sophie and her group of close friends will navigate the modern world of dating apps and media social. The premise of the comedy is an updated role reversal of how I Met Your Mother and his lead role Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), as he tells the story of his meeting with the mother of his children. The original was narrated by Bob Saget, voicing Ted in 2030, and the upcoming reboot will continue that tradition.


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Although Saget was a welcome addition to HIMYM, the spin-off has already beaten the original with its perfect cast of Kim Cattrall as Future Sophie. Cattrall is best known for playing Samantha Jones in the Emmy Award-winning series Sex and the city, another show about dating in New York. How i met your fatherThe Narrator’s cast improves on the original due to its meta-approach, using a stronger connection between the narrator and the show, and Cattrall’s involvement could increase viewership for the spin. -off.

Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones in Sex and The City Entry 1

Saget voiced Future Ted in nearly every episode of HIMYM, except when Josh Radnor narrated the final scene of the finale. The Full house The star set a heartwarming and wise tone to Ted’s story, and the various actors helped separate the timelines to illustrate how the character has changed over the years. However, How i met your fatherThe narrator’s cast pride themselves on a stronger bond between the two versions of Sophie. Given that the spin-off is about Sophie’s love life in New York City, choosing an actor from another show who looked at sex and friendships in the same city makes perfect sense. Kim Cattrall has always been praised for her portrayal of Samantha on Sex and the city and will surely bring a similar level of confidence and humor when recounting young Sophie’s exploits.

While Bob Saget was a fun choice to play Future Ted, it didn’t provide the same comedic edge teased with Cattrall joining How i met your father. She can give a new twist to HIMYMThe framing device, giving a new insight into modern dating through a feminine lens. The association of Cattrall with Sex and the city may also attract more viewers, likely attracting those who are disappointed with the actor choosing not to return for the HBO Max revival. And just like that … The how I Met Your Mother The spin-off has significant star power with Hillary Duff, but it will struggle to match the excellent cast of the original, whose group dynamics were brilliantly portrayed in HIMYMis a perfect pilot.

Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel have appeared on beloved shows before HIMYM. Kim Cattrall Cast Adds Another Recognizable Name To How i met your father and can help influence skeptical viewers after several failed fallout attempts and how I Met Your Mothercontroversial finale. The perfect cast of Cattrall’s narrator might also suggest how Sophie’s personality will differ from Ted’s, offering a refreshing new angle.

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