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How Russia’s future with NATO will impact the Arctic – Foreign Policy


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The rapid retreat of sea ice provides access to a range of highly valuable resources in the Arctic. In addition to energy reserves, critical minerals and fisheries, newly opened shipping lanes across the Arctic could potentially help redirect global trade and enable high-speed internet connectivity between Europe and the United States. Asia. The ability to exploit newly available Arctic resources is attracting growing interest from commercial and domestic players and prompting countries like China and Japan to inject political and financial capital into the region.

As new trade relations emerge in the Arctic, Russia and China are increasingly collaborating on Arctic development, with China providing capital for Russian energy and infrastructure projects. At the same time, Russia has militarized its Arctic territory, reopened Soviet-era military bases, invested in new Arctic-specific technologies, and waged extensive war games across the region. This has prompted NATO nations, led by Norway and the United States, to wage their own war games in the region and raised concerns about the potential emergence of a Russian-Chinese alliance in the region. region.

Relations between Russia and China are nuanced. Both countries have their own competing interests in the Arctic, with interactions between the two players expected to proceed at a cautious pace for now. However, increasing military activity in the region continues to increase the risk of misunderstanding or external conflict spilling over into the Arctic, particularly in the absence of a formal security body allowing national actors to resolve regional defense issues.

With new players, trade relations and a major military buildup emerging in the Arctic, there has been a concomitant increase in international tensions. On the trade side, strengthening ties between Asian and European nations, deepening levels of Chinese investment in the region and the emerging primacy of Russia are generating a pullback from the United States. Militarily, Russia’s vast defense buildup and alternating military exercises by Russia and NATO actors have created a potentially more volatile region. Against a global backdrop of heightened US-Russian tensions and the broader decoupling of the US and Chinese economies, the Arctic is emerging as an arena of great power competition.

FP Analytics’ two-part Arctic Competition Power Map series breaks down the key emerging trends in the Arctic into:

  • Map control of key resource bases and decompose the state of play between public and private sector actors competing for Arctic access and influence;
  • Describe emerging trade and economic relationships between national and commercial actors in the region;
  • Project key points of geopolitical tension and the relative power positions of the actors involved;
  • Highlighting the global implications of increasing militarization in the Arctic; and,
  • Identify critical risks materializing for policy makers, businesses and non-governmental actors.

FP Analytics’ Arctic Competition Power Map series provides comprehensive mapping and analysis of developing commercial, military and great power competition in the increasingly accessible Arctic. It clarifies the main points of competition and potential conflict as well as opportunities for collaboration. It is a powerful tool for businesses and others seeking to understand how emerging great-power competition in the Arctic will help shape and influence the broader geopolitical landscape. By providing a comprehensive breakdown of the far-reaching business and security issues at play, the Arctic Competition Power Map series provides essential information on strategies for effectively navigating this dynamic region.

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