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How the adult entertainment industry shaped the internet

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Gone are the days when people watched adult movies while hiding in a dark room and playing VHS. However, times have changed and people no longer feel embarrassed or judge pornography. If we talk about it in detail, you would think that this is one of the main reasons for advancing technology these days.

In all fairness, the world, as far as we’re concerned, wouldn’t have been conceivable without the impact of pornography. We have to thank the adult entertainment industry for the most notable current technological developments including the internet, other streaming services and various modes of online transaction.

In this article, we will talk about the role of pornography in internet sharing or how it has influenced the advancement of technology. Let’s see what changes the adult industry has brought us.

Nowadays, adult films are mainly shot on the Internet:

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In 1896, a woman performed striptease in a film, which led to the rise of the adult industry. The name of this film is The Sunset of the Bride, and it is known to be the first adult film. After that, the demand for pornography exploded and French directors started making such entertainment films.

However, when VHS technology first appeared in the 1970s, it became much easier for people to access pornographic films. But it had its pros and cons. To overcome its drawbacks, in 2001 porn began to rule the internet. And since then people have preferred no other means of delivering pornographic content. If you want to know more about it, click here.

If it’s hard for you to believe how this industry has shaped the internet, let’s take a look at some statistics: over 70,000 porn-related websites out of the 29 million total sites available on the internet. You will be amazed to know that people in the United States use up to 30 percent of their Internet data to watch adult movies. By this, you can estimate that the advancement of the internet has taken place mainly due to the high demand for pornography.

Online broadcast:

Another point on which the adult industry has shaped our internet technology is the invention of the online streaming feature. It was not possible for us to experience this feature so early if pornography was not introduced. The first company that was the first to broadcast a live video was just a porn company. The Dutch company named Red Light District first broadcast live video in 1994.

About a year later, CNN began providing its service. Other than that, YouTube, the most notable non-obscene streaming scene right now, wouldn’t appear for another decade. Then again, the XNXX porn site was sent as just in time as it was in 1997.

Introduction to online payments:

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For the people who pay and buy the subscription on various websites, you can express your gratitude to Richard Gordon. In the 90s, Gordon created Electronic Card Systems, which allowed credit cards to be used for several pornographic websites.

Do you remember Pam and Tommy Lee’s 1998 sex tape? Gordon got super wealthy by taking a commission on running offers from websites that made their nautical convertible easier.

Live interaction with users:

In the early days, when the adult entertainment industry had just entered the internet, people were only allowed to watch content created by companies. But in the late 90s, they also installed a new live interaction feature. This real-time interaction feature allowed visitors to have a conversation with people in the adult industry. In this way, people started to communicate with each other using the webcam.

Affiliate Marketing and Subscriptions:

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Another way in which the pornography business has been progressive is in its marketing practices. Pornography websites were one of the first to allow registrations and memberships. Other than that, the industry was repeating news tracking and target marketing long before Facebook launched it. For example, he was one of the main adopters of geolocation innovation, which allowed him to personalize promotions and target customers in explicit areas.


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Unless and until you are not addicted to porn, it can provide you with various benefits. Let’s discuss these surprising benefits you can get from watching adult movies:

It helps relieve stress:

There are many life-changing situations in life, and in our experience crying out for a pressure ball doesn’t make the exciting, convoluted corners of the road any easier to handle. Whenever you feel stressed, your brain secretes cortisol, which blocks critical thinking and doesn’t think directly.

In a review conducted via Carnegie Mellon University, men who leafed through photos of undressed women experienced a reduction in the level of cortisol released. Then they were able to concentrate better on their math exam.

Helps you explore your sexuality:

There is an explanation that the initial phase of every eccentric man’s output measurement is to check out the porn. Unless you are introduced to sexual practices outside of what you have been told to be OK, it is difficult to become good with your desires or to standardize them in your brain. Pornography helps you explore your true desires and makes you feel comfortable with your sexuality.


In this day and age, when everything is accessible online, we cannot forget the contribution of the adult entertainment industry to shaping the internet world. This is one of the main reasons for bringing various technological advancements such as online streaming, online payments, etc. Without it, we would not have expected to encounter all of these developments so early in our lives.