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“I am judged because my fiancé is 20 cm shorter than me, it’s not weird”


Darlene Marshall, 37, and Matthew Cretaro, 46, say they often have “funny looks” when they’re together – but they say the “stigma” around age gaps in dating is useless and closes opportunities

Darlene and Matthew had been friends for years before they met again

A woman engaged to a man eight inches shorter than she hit back at people who say their height difference is “weird.”

Darlene Marshall, 37, and her fiancé Matthew Cretaro, 46, have been the butt of cruel jokes because she is 6 feet 1 inch and he is 5 feet 5 inches.

Personal trainers from New York City, US say they often have “fun looks” when they’re out together, but they insist they couldn’t be happier.

Responding to critics who think their size difference is weird, they urged people to ignore the issue.

Darlene said: “Strangers assume we’re not together because of our height difference which is silly.

Darlene says she gave up hope of finding someone after her divorce


Mercury Press & Media Ltd.)

Darlene said there was a “stigma” around height differences in relationships


Mercury Press & Media Ltd.)

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“There was a time when a waiter would flirt with me without realizing it until Matthew put his hand on my leg.

She added that she came from a family of tall people, with most of the family being over 6 feet tall. When she first introduced her beau to her loved ones, they were surprised at her size.

“Once they got to know him, they were able to see beyond something so superficial,” she said.

The beloved couple say that the height difference between them is the “least important factor” in their happiness because they are attracted to each other and share the same values.

“Strangers are looking at us and friends have made remarks like ‘I couldn’t be with someone taller,’ but we’re just laughing about it,” Darlene said.

“We don’t see our height difference as bizarre that we’re just two people in love.”

She tackled the “stigma” surrounding height differences when it comes to dating, adding that it can be difficult to find love as a taller woman.

She said: “I divorced three years ago and started to believe that I might never find someone again. Dating is already difficult.

“I had a hard time finding someone who wanted to date a woman as tall as me.

Darlene Says People Close Out Of Love By Setting Size Preferences On Dating Apps


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“I have found that there is judgment from others who are trying to find a partner using dating apps.”

She described a market where there are “so many variables” to consider as people strive for perfection.

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“By setting size preferences, they convey to so many amazing people,” she said.

Darlene admits that she was starting to lose hope of meeting a new partner and was preparing to drop the idea.

But in February 2020, when Darlene fell ill, her eight-year-old friend Matthew took care of her.

Feelings developed between the two, and they are now happily engaged.

She said: “When we look at pictures of ourselves we see two people happy to be together, but others may think we look funny.

“When I post pictures of us the short men comment, they are so happy to see it and they feel validated.

“The quality and value of someone has nothing to do with the length of your body.

“I hope our story helps people understand that interests, personality and strength of character are much more important than the length of their legs.”

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