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If you need an icebreaker for online dating, check out this Twitter account


Go out together – in particular online or on dating apps – is difficult on its own, but when you add factors like trying to be cheeky or cute to stand out it becomes even more so. Even celebrities have documented their struggles to find love and are turning to apps to try their luck, such as Hilary duff Where Amy schumer (even if Rebellious wilson recently said you won’t find her online looking for love anytime soon). If you are looking for an icebreaker online (called IRL as pickup line), @firstdateqs can certainly help you. If you’re looking for something to really grab their attention, why not start with one of the items below?

And if you are looking for a certain type of person, these questions can help you select them:


A few more lines for shy types might include some of the below:


Not single? No problem. Some of them are hilarious replacements for a “Would you rather? »Type game with your girlfriends.


Just be warned, some of the tweets are stuff from #tindernightmares, but many could actually lead to real success! And if all else fails, try this adult coloring book, Color a lover, for a little online meeting in a lonely and colorful happiness.

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