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Impossible 7 ‘Fall 2022 – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: After a successful launch of clips and footage at CinemaCon, Paramount pushes its tall mast Tom Cruise, Top Gun: Maverick to May 27, Memorial Day weekend 2022, and Mission: Impossible 7 as of September 30, 2022.

Again, these are large potential franchises of $ 1 billion in revenue co-produced with Skydance that require the world to be in ideal order, and not by a pandemic. Impossible mission single-handedly across six films has grossed over $ 3.57 billion. The most recent film in 2018, Mission: Impossible – Fallout peaked at $ 791.7 million in franchise to global soundtrack

Tom Cruise films “Mission: Impossible 7” scene in Rome

Top Gun: Maverick leaves the pre-Thanksgiving weekend of November 19 and takes over Mission: Impossible 7The previous spot from Memorial Day weekend next year, putting the sequel to the 1986 hit into the summer, where the original first debuted and grossed over $ 357 million worldwide .

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‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Takes Control of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’s Pre-Thanksgiving Spot

In addition, the Paramount Jackass forever will debut on February 4, 2022 instead of October 22 this year.

Why is it Donkey move too? Paramount didn’t want to choose which movies would open in the current climate. In their opinion, all of their filmmakers and stars deserve the same consideration and positioning in a robust future box office market. For now, that leaves the rest of 2021 without any version of Paramount; their first major feature is the reboot produced by Spyglass Dimension of Scream January 14.

After Paramount consulted with experts and their own global team, they decided to move the films given the current conditions of COVID and its Delta variant around the world. The outlook for global cinema attendance is expected next year, which is a good time to maximize box office potential and, overall, is the most profitable for the studio’s films. Recently, Paramount moved Clifford the big red dog out of fall and will be in the future.

‘Ghostbusters: The Afterlife’

There was a rumor that Sony was moving Venom: let there be carnage from his most recent corner of Oct. 15 between MGM / UAR No time to die October 8 and Warner Bros. / HBO Max’s Dune October 22 at Top Gun: Maverick‘s pre-Thanksgiving spot. Alas, no, as the Culver City studio announced moments after the Paramount news here that they were dating. Ghostbusters: the afterlife on November 19 after the photo rave reception at CinemaCon last week.

While the date of NRG cinema’s comfort level has remained stable over the past two weeks at around 67%, it is down 11 points from July. In the latest NRG data from last week, 58% of parents are “very or somewhat comfortable” with their children at the movies, which is down 5 points from Wednesday’s wave and is the lowest point. lower than we’ve seen on this measurement since the end of April. Moms are responsible for this drop, down 7 points to 53%. Overall, women aged 25 and over have the lowest personal comfort (57%, compared to 79% among men under 25).

Likewise abroad, the comfort of going to a movie theater and the positive outlook on the pandemic have diminished compared to the beginning of the summer. Many markets – intercontinental – have seen sharp declines in recent months, including Australia, Mexico, Japan and China.
Australia and Southeast Asia (the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, in particular) are a few examples of key international markets that are floundering amid another coronavirus downturn.

In Southeast Asia, The The Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia are all completely closed, and Vietnam operates at 2% of the open market. Having said that, most of Asia is still closed or slowly coming back i.e. Taiwan. Japan and Korea continue to be over half of their normal box office market.

New Zealand, previously the safest place in the world for a pandemic, is now strictly on lockdown due to the delta variant, while Australia still misses 55-60% of its pre-Covid theatrical footprint in cause large areas such as Victoria and New South Wales being closed. It looks like New South Wales (accounting for 40% of the market) will not return until the end of October.

Latin America, although growing very slowly, has major markets like Mexico and Brazil still at 50% of their pre-BO pandemic standards.

Europe is more on the way to making a comeback, but with the vaccination passport in force (particularly in France, Germany and Italy), the recovery in theaters is still slow. Italy recently saw a 70% drop from its box office standard, while France and the UK are down 40%.

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