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Instagram starts using video selfies for identity verification


Fake profiles and spam accounts have always been a headache for social media platforms like Instagram. In a new attempt to limit these spam accounts on its platform, Instagram is now asking users to take a video selfie to verify their identity.

As social media consultant Matt Navara noted, Instagram has started using video selfies to verify the user’s identity. Instagram owner Facebook (now Meta) promises that any video selfies you upload will never be visible on Instagram and deleted in 30 days. It also says it will not collect biometric data and use the company’s facial recognition technology. Basically, Instagram will ask new users to shoot a short selfie video clip which will then be used by the company’s AI algorithms to confirm that you are a real person.

We need a short video to turn our heads in different directions. This helps us to confirm that you are a real person and to confirm your identity.

Verifying video selfies has been something Instagram has been working on for quite some time. Instagram started rolling out this security check in August of last year, but it quickly backed down as technical issues arose. But it looks like Instagram has finally fixed these issues as the feature is now widely available.

Right now, it looks like Instagram requires video selfie verification only for newly created accounts; existing accounts are not yet prompted to verify their identity.

Dating apps, including Tinder and Bumble, have long used a photo verification system that requires users to upload selfies from different angles to verify their identity. However, Instagram’s video selfie verification, at least on paper, looks more robust and won’t be easy for spammers to spoof.