Home Adult entertainment Intice Dance Fitness in St. Petersburg, Florida is making pole fitness mainstream and here’s why.

Intice Dance Fitness in St. Petersburg, Florida is making pole fitness mainstream and here’s why.


Forget what you think you know about pole dancing. What some may associate with adult entertainment is now becoming a traditional fitness routine.

Danielle West is an instructor at Intice Dance Fitness in St. Petersburg, Florida and says pole fitness has grown a lot over the past few years.

“There is now a greater awareness of the benefits of pole fitness. People are more comfortable and more excited to try it, ”said Danielle.

It’s a stimulating workout that targets your whole body. Danielle said: “People are realizing that you can get a really good workout using your own body strength. You develop your upper body, you develop the core, you also do a cardio workout. But, it is different. It’s not your average gym workout. It’s never boring ”…

“At Intice Dance Fitness, we offer pole fitness classes that teach women how to move their bodies sensually by releasing their feminine energy that most women cannot tap into these days. You get both a full body workout and a therapy session all in one at Intice.

“Pole fitness helps women have a different view of their body. It’s not just about losing weight and getting in shape, it’s about being part of a group and having fun. But most of all, it emphasizes the exercise itself and places it on mastering a technique, where fun and commitment come into play. It’s almost like you’re urging them into fitness. ! ” she says

If you are in St. Petersburg, Florida, you must check out Intice Dance Fitness! Voluntary word game.

They are now offering all new students a limited offer: Buy 1 class, get 2 additional classes FREE by visiting their website at: https://inticedancefitness.com/schedule.php. So now you have no more excuses for not being in great shape in a fun way!

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