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iQIYI celebrates Valentine’s Day with new content and streaming preference survey


BEIJING, February 14th, Feb. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — iQIYI, a market-leading innovative online entertainment service in China, celebrates Valentine’s Day this year with new content releases. iQIYI will release a list of new content for its members to enjoy with loved ones on Valentine’s Day. New content to be released during the day includes new romantic period drama Oh My lord to debut exclusively on iQIYI’s global platforms and the film’s online premiere kiss again on iQIYI.

A poster of “Oh My Lord”

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, iQIYI also released the results of its romance-focused streaming preference survey, revealing behavioral trends among people using streaming services in four markets. in China and South East Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwanand Thailand.

Viewing behaviors are changing significantly in the current era with diverse channels and content, and people see streaming decisions as key and influential factors in their relationships. 71% of respondents in the survey agree that watching shows together on streaming platforms is an important part of dating, and 65% indicated that their life or romantic relationship has been affected by COVID. iQIYI has also found that Chinese language content has become increasingly popular outside of Chinawith 81% of respondents in all four markets saying they enjoy spending quality time with their partners by streaming shows, with the top pick being Chinese-language movies and shows.

For Valentine’s Day, iQIYI will provide its members in mainland China with special romance-themed benefits, including romance-themed sweepstakes, personalized membership cards, and special red packets.

The four stages of romance and streaming

Through the survey, iQIYI was able to identify four interesting stages of broadcast behaviors that reflect people’s relationship status.

  • Stream and Match: 63% of respondents would choose to stream a show/movie together on their first date. 60% opted for romance as a safe bet while 28% leaned towards a riskier choice and chose thriller shows with the potential match.

  • Does your suitor agree: Moving into the honeymoon phase, 84% of respondents believe watching a show on a date helps forge a deeper connection. 85% said they would try watching new genres if their date wanted to, and 40% find themselves watching romantic genres simply because their partners recommended it. Echoing this, 4 in 5 respondents indicated that they would be willing to compromise their own preferences and show times for those they love. What’s nicer is that nearly 50% of respondents will also tag movies or shows that they think their partner would like to see next.

  • The next episode: As a sign of devotion to the other half, what could be sweeter than sharing an account? According to the survey, 79% of respondents believe that sharing a streaming account with their date is a step towards engagement. Meanwhile, 73% would like to receive a streaming account or VIP subscription as a gift from loved ones.

  • Unsubscribe your relationship: As the relationship blossoms and deeper bonds are forged, annoying habits start to surface that can make or break a relationship. About 49% of respondents hate when their other half drops spoilers on them, while 39% of respondents find it annoying when their other half fast forwards episodes while watching together.

Romance tops all picks by genre

65% of respondents choose romance as one of their favorite genres, followed by comedy (54%) and action/adventure (53%), when watching with loved ones. 60% tend to watch romance shows when looking for romance inspiration and 75% would get real love advice from the shows.

Comedy, on the other hand, is the top choice to watch after a breakup. Streaming alone, however, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller is becoming just as popular, with 30% saying they would watch alone without telling their partners.

About the survey

Around 100 streaming users in each market aged between 18 and 55 were asked about their streaming preferences while consuming media from OTT (over-the-top) platforms with loved ones.

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