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Jack Grealish’s “curtain” hairstyle voted sexiest on Tinder


According to the latest research on dating apps, styling yourself on Jack Grealish will not only help you score on the pitch, but also off.

Lonely male hearts who shared Grealish’s “curtain” hair style with a group of Alice got the most matches on Tinder, averaging 52 per month.

Barnt Green resident and Britain’s most expensive footballer topped the Tinder rankings for men in research by hairstyling and aesthetics experts at the Vera Clinic, who looked at both men’s and women’s hairstyles .

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They took a look at the most successful hairstyles on dating apps like Hinge and Tinder to find out which hairstyles would give lovers the fairest hits.

Waleed Taleb, Hair Transplant and Aesthetic Specialist at the Vera Clinic, said: “We have seen an increase in the number of men coming to the clinic asking for ‘Jack Grealish style curtains’; and wanting hair transplants to get the look.

“It seems that his appearance at the Euro has sparked a hair revolution!”

It looks like Grealish had her hairstylist at The Gentleman Barbers in Brindleyplace near Broad Street in Birmingham city center to thank for creating a trend among young men.

In second place on Tinder were the most common standard short back and sides, averaging 48 matches per month, followed by a man bun, getting 44 matches.

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Men with a combo or spiky hairstyle were the least successful between 12 and 14 games on average per month.

As for women, women with long, wavy hair got the most matches of 62 on average per month.

The least successful hairstyle for women was a low ponytail and a shorter, shorter hairstyle, getting 21 and 22 average matches, respectively.

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