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Jeffrey Xu’s $ 800,000 Bendemeer condo has a $ 10,000 photo and $ 2 bill from a fight with his girlfriend Felicia Chin, Entertainment News


What is an important item that you have at home?

For some, this could be the home entertainment system for those late night frenzy on Netflix dramas. For others, it might be that luxury mattress with hotel-style linens that comes to mind.

For Jeffrey Xu, it’s a $ 10,000 photograph of a lion hanging over the sofa in his two-room Bendemeer condominium.

Another expensive item in her house? A $ 700 candle that was a housewarming gift.


The 33-year-old bought his 80-square-meter resale unit for $ 800,000 in July this year and moved in two months later.

But how did Jeffrey end up falling for a black and white portrait?

In an 8-day article from December 15, Jeffrey revealed it was while on a shopping spree at ION Orchard – about four to five years ago – with his girlfriend, actress Felicia Chin.

The couple, who have dated for more than five years, were immediately drawn to the piece in an art gallery.

Jeffrey said: “I asked the gallery owner how much it cost, and it was close to S $ 10,000. I asked Felicia if she liked him, and she said she liked him. J said that I loved him too and that I was very moved by it. “

While such a majestic (and expensive) piece of art deserves the center stage in any home, Jeffrey explained that it spent the next few years wrapped up in a box stored in a rented HDB apartment where he lived.

Jeffrey said: “At the time, I didn’t feel like it was my own house, plus it takes up a lot of space and is very heavy.

“I’m so glad I finally have a place to hang it now.”

Jeffrey’s Most Precious “Memories” with Felicia

Aside from the dear photo, it also displays the most treasured “memories” he has with Felicia.

One of those keepsakes in her apartment is a $ 2 bill nailed to a board in the kitchen.


Jeffrey said: “I had a fight with Felicia and got so angry that I threw the note on the floor. Later I went to pick it up and kept it to remind myself that I shouldn’t. not be like that because I used to have a really bad temper. “


Another Felicia-related item is a group of tiny Smurf figures, one of which is holding a sign that says “Sorry” – another “memory” of an argument with his 37-year-old girlfriend.

Although Jeffrey has an impressive collection of limited edition sneakers, his most valuable shoe is a pair of inexpensive flip flops.

Jeffrey said: “We were out and I was wearing a new pair of shoes which were very uncomfortable and hurt my feet, so Felicia went and bought me this pair of slippers.”

Other “cute” and “girlish” items that Felicia had given Jeffery to include bar stools, designer linens and plush toys from different countries.

Channeling your inner hypebeast

In Mediacorp’s #JustSwipeLah online video series, Jeffery showed off the trendy collectible art toys and paraphernalia he has been collecting for over 10 years.

These include the Kaws and Bearbrick models which are typically priced in the thousands of dollars.


Jeffery also owns a collection of Slam Dunk comics and has said that it is a manga series that he really enjoys.


Jeffrey estimated that he spent almost $ 30,000 on all the decorations and toys in his house.

While Jeffery’s hypebeast collection is plentiful, he joked that the same couldn’t be said for his personal accolades.

Jeffery proudly displayed two trophies near his dressing room – the gong of the Top 10 Most Popular Male Performers at the 2016 Star Awards, and the one he picked up after winning Best Supporting Actor at the Asian Television Awards 2013.

Jeffrey said, “I don’t have much [trophies] right now, so the [space to put them] is empty.

“I hope to have more awards in the professional category.”

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