Home Dating apps KokTailz is a new dating app that takes a different and unique approach to dating platforms

KokTailz is a new dating app that takes a different and unique approach to dating platforms


KokTailz is a dating platform that offers its users enough features to make finding their ideal partners as easy and convenient as possible.

UNITED STATES, Oct. 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The company, whose primary focus among top dating apps is to reposition the world of online dating through its operations, is delivering more features through to which people may become more inclined and comfortable while using the service. KokTailz is an app for meeting new people.

According to Sean Trotter, the founder of the project, KokTailz will be a one-stop solution through which users will be able to access all of the unique features found in various dating apps, including more unique features in one place. Koktailz is one of the free dating apps.

From location-based features that connect with familiar people by showing them how often they come across people in their city, state, and around the world. Set personal preferences such as allowing users to choose appearance filters such as body type, ethnicity, age, and height. Choose between male, female and transgender. Sexual orientations including straight, gay, lesbian and bisexual. These are some of the ingredients that KokTailz uses to make its users connect with their ideal companion. It was a great initiative from the founder, who has years of industry experience and the deliberate team, to make the platform the first of its kind and make it easily available on major platforms for users.

KokTailz will also serve as a social network among its users which also helps in increasing business productivity when used for PR, marketing and advertising purposes. KokTailz can be used to organize activities, events or groups to highlight issues and opinions. KokTailz is set to launch in the App Stores and Google Play on November 14, 2022.

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