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Las Vegas Still Awaiting Full Return of 24-Hour Facilities | New


LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Tourists and locals on a late Friday night or after the ‘last call’ wonder what’s open?

While many late-night hot spots have returned from the pandemic, one Las Vegas cultural staple has not fully returned: 24-hour operations.

From restaurants, bars, beauty treatments to adult entertainment, the valley’s iconic 24-hour establishments face the same problem small businesses face, nationwide – a labor shortage.

The Vegas Chamber and the Nevada Small Business Association have said the slow return of conventions is hampering demand for businesses at all hours of the day and night.

The Chamber explained that the service industry in Las Vegas is being hit hard by the labor shortage.

The Nevada Restaurant Association said four out of five restaurants report a labor shortage. The association also notes that 68% of companies have had to reduce their hours or days of operation for lack of personnel.

“Despite these challenges, we hope that as conventions and international tourism begin to return, they will lead to increased demand for 24-hour service and, with it, a full recovery,” said Alexandria Dazlich, spokesperson of the Nevada Restaurant Association.

“People are waiting to get back to work,” said Randi Thompson of the Nevada Small Business Association, saying workers expect good pay, a safe return to the workplace in the event of a pandemic and a stable and pleasant working environment. .

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