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Man tried for assaulting his wife’s cousin after his wife gave birth


SINGAPORE: Shortly after giving birth to his wife, a man allegedly assaulted his wife’s cousin after going to a club, attacking her in the guest room.

The 41-year-old Malaysian was tried on Monday, July 5, on a count of use of criminal force against the 26-year-old woman, with the intention of offending her modesty while wrongly restraining her.

All identities in this case are redacted to protect the identity of the complainant, who turns 29 this year.

The Malaysian took a stand against the accused behind a screen, away from him. She told the court that she first met the accused in December 2011, when he started dating her cousin. The accused married the woman’s cousin in 2014.

They were very close and she considered him a brother, the woman said. She was also very close to his wife, seeing her as a sister.

In March 2019, the woman traveled to Singapore to visit her family.

On the night of March 15, 2019, she met friends and relatives for dinner and then went to a club.

At the club, the woman fell and injured her ankle. She went to an apartment with the accused, where she sat on the bed in the guest room.

The accused said he had ointment for her and went to get it, the woman said. She said she was wearing a jumpsuit at the time but took off her belt.

Her cousin’s husband came back and massaged her ankle with her consent, she said. When it was over, she asked him if he could turn off the lights when going out because she was tired and wanted to sleep.

However, after turning off the lights, the man lay down on the bed with her, she said.

“I got up immediately and asked him what he was doing,” the woman said. “He said – it’s just for a short time, no one needs to know.”

She said he added that he was “very lonely” and “I just want to feel you”.

The woman testified with audible difficulty, stopping in some places. She said her cousin’s husband tried to kiss her and she repeatedly protested and turned away.

“I kept protesting saying – what’s wrong with you, you just had a baby, you’re a father, (cousin’s name) is my sister,” she said. declared.

According to her, the accused kept saying “no one needs to know” but would show “signs of guilt” by saying “I don’t know what is wrong with me, it hurts. head”.

The woman said she was trying to talk him out, telling him to stop and saying something like this had happened to her when she was younger.

“He said ‘how could he do this to you’,” the woman said. She claimed that she asked the man if he had always had feelings for her, and he said yes. When asked why he married his cousin then, he allegedly hit his head and said he did not know and was “sick to his head”.

According to her, the accused then pulled down half of his overalls, assaulted her and said, “Don’t lie, I know you want this”.

The woman screamed and screamed. “I thought for sure I would be raped, and the only way to save my life was to make sure he didn’t take off my suit,” she said in court.

She left and took a private rental car to a hotel with the intention of staying there. However, she eventually sought comfort from a friend instead.

Describing her state of disarray, the woman said: “Frankly, I thought it would be easier if I walked right in front of a bus. I kept thinking about my cousin, the newborn.”

The trial continues. If found guilty of using unjustified coercion in order to outrage a person’s modesty, the accused could be imprisoned for between two and 10 years and punished with beatings with a stick.