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Michigan kids get immunized. Where to find a dose


Detroit – Reed Ackroyd didn’t really care about being one of the first children in the state to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The 7.5-year-old (he’ll be 8 at the end of the month, he wants you to know) was just ready to get back to his normal life, he said before getting the shot at the community center in Detroit Health and Human Services. , or CHASS, on Wednesday.

“I don’t really like injections, but getting the vaccine will help me and other people,” he said.

Like millions of children across the country, Reed’s life has been disrupted by the pandemic. He’s been to virtual school this year, and although his dad, Joe Hakim, said they still go together, Reed said he’s thrilled he was able to go even more places after his first dose.

When it came to getting the shot, Reed was a little nervous, but a promise from his father of V-Bucks, the Fortnite online game currency, helped seal the deal.

“It hurt just a second and then not at all,” Reed said, showing off his bandage and caramel sucker.

He and nine other children, aged 5 to 11, were the first to receive pediatric doses of CHASS, which administered around 12,000 vaccines. They were also among the first in the state after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday night approved Pfizer’s pediatric COVID-19 injections for all children ages 5 to 11. Providers across the country began giving their first doses Wednesday morning.

The pediatric dose is roughly a third of the amount given to people 12 years of age and older, and the needle is smaller, but much like in adult vaccine trials, the CDC said it was nearly 91% effective in preventing COVID-19. Side effects in the studies were limited, the most common was arm pain, but it helped children reduce the risk of serious illness.

Like the adult vaccine, children will receive two doses three weeks apart. The vaccine is free.

Being able to protect a new group of people, especially those in school, helps make everyone safer, said Dr Felix Valbuena Jr., CEO of CHASS.

“Parents have been asking about this for some time, and I’m glad we can start giving it away,” he said. “People focus only on their city, state, region or country, but this is a global problem. Being able to reduce this risk is a huge benefit.”

Health officials across the state on Wednesday parents encouraged to immunize their children. There are about 825,000 children in the newly approved age group in Michigan, officials said, or about 8.2% of the state’s total population.

Pediatrician Matthew Hornik, president of the Michigan chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, said more than 450 children under 12 are infected every day. He said COVID-19 is now the sixth leading cause of death in children.

Jodie Kilbourn administers a COVID-19 vaccine to Aniela Guzman, 9, of Oak Park at CHASS in Detroit on Wednesday.

That is why, for many parents, the approval of the vaccine for their youngsters has brought a sense of relief. Jessie Urban-Guzman, director of the youth and legal program at CHASS, got the first doses for Aniela, 9, and Tomas, 5. She said she was happy to do her part to keep her community safe.

“I am happy to help protect my children and keep them in school, and also to protect our family members who are vulnerable,” she said. “We have grandparents who have health issues, and that’s something I can worry about less.”

Aniela said she was thrilled to be the first in her class to get the shot.

“I can also tell everyone it wasn’t even that scary,” she said. “When I got the flu shot when I was little, I was scared and hid under a table in the corner. I didn’t even want to this time.”

She said she hoped other children would be immunized soon as well. “I would like to tell them all that it is not even a little scary and also that it protects your family,” she said.

Where to get a vaccination appointment for children

Many providers urge parents to check with their pediatricians or local pharmacies. Many pharmacy chains, including CVS and Meijer, make appointments for vaccines.

Some stores may receive doses later than others, and a preferred pharmacy may have appointments available later than others. .


Visit clinic.meijer.com make an appointment. Select the option “Pediatric COVID-19 5-11 years”. A profile for your child may be required if the parent has not obtained a prescription from Meijer within the past two years.


CVS will begin immunizations for children ages 5 to 11 on Sunday, but appointments can be made now. To plan, go to cvs.com and click on “COVID-19 Vaccine, Recall and Records” at the top of the page.


Appointments for pediatric doses will be available from Saturday. Appointments can be scheduled immediately by visiting walgreens.com and clicking on the COVID-19 vaccination banner near the top.

Beaumont Health

Registration for a limited number of dates will begin online early next week, spokeswoman Maryanne MacLeod said. Pediatric vaccination clinics will be offered at Beaumont Hospital in Troy on November 12 and 19, and at the Beaumont Service Center in Southfield on November 13 and 20.

To make an appointment next week, parents will need a MyBeaumontChart account for their child. Parents can register today by visiting mybeaumontchart.com.

Henry Ford Health System

Henry Ford is finalizing his vaccination plans at his clinics and facilities.

“In the meantime, we are encouraging families to get their children vaccinated where and when it suits them best,” said spokesperson David Olejarz.

McLaren Healthcare

McLaren does not yet schedule a date for these 5 to 11, said James Curtis. Upcoming clinic dates and other patient resources are available at mclaren.org/main/coronavirus-covid-19.

Michigan Medicine

Appointments will be available for children aged 5 to 11 from Friday. Make an appointment via the MyUofMHealth patient portal at myuofmhealth.org.

Michigan Medicine plans to offer vaccination clinics at multiple sites starting Monday.

Oakland County Department of Health

Oakland County plans to hold several school clinics in districts across the county, Rep. Bill Mullan said. Parents can see places to make an appointment at Oaklandcountyvaccine.com.

The first clinics will be held on Monday after school hours at Waterford Oaks in Waterford and Hazel Park High School in Hazel Park.

“I highly recommend making an appointment,” Mullan said.

Washtenaw County Department of Health

Appointments will be posted from Friday noon and can be made at washtenaw.org/covid19vaccine. Other appointments will be available on Monday.

The department will begin giving vaccines on Tuesday. There is no waiting list, but the ministry asks that if you make an appointment and find one earlier, you cancel the appointment later so that someone else can. use it.

You don’t have to live or work in the county to be vaccinated at clinics. The department website notes that “everyone is welcome, including people who are not residents of the United States”.

Wayne County Department of Health

The department has ordered more than 44,000 pediatric doses of the vaccine and has about 3,000 doses, said department representative Tiffani Jackson. The first doses will leave in arms on Thursday.

The department is working with schools and providers, and is in the process of contacting schools to organize on-site vaccination clinics. Jackson encouraged parents to check with their pediatrician’s office or speak to the health department for advice at (866) 610-3885 or waynecounty.com/covid19/vaccination.aspx.

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