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Nebraska Issues NIL Guidelines for Husker Athletes | Dehullers


Sam McKewon and Evan Bland discuss the impact of the Supreme Court ruling on the NLI with the NCAA. The team also compares Nebraska baseball with the CWS teams and also reviews some Husker basketball news.

College athletes across the country can now take advantage of their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL). And Nebraska has its own policy to address this.

The sports department on Thursday released a one-page document setting out guidelines for its #NILbraska program as athletes begin to create their own brands or make deals with existing brands.

The new NU rules prohibit athletes from joining brands that conflict with school values ​​or that “denigrate or would harm in any way” in Nebraska. This includes sellers of games of chance, adult entertainment, and anything related to tobacco, alcohol, illegal substances, and performance enhancing drugs.

Current Huskers also cannot enter into any agreements that conflict with existing NU sponsorship agreements or those that involve the sale / exchange of sport-specific items such as clothing, equipment, footwear and uniforms.

Among the other notable points of the document:

NU must give written approval for athletes to use the Husker logos or anything related to uniform design in their NIL agreements.

If athletes wish to use the NU facilities for their NIL related agreements, they must complete a Facility Use Agreement which may include rental fees and waiver of liability forms completed by the Property Management Department of school.