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New Zealand stripper avoids jail after ‘deplorable’ Australian rampage


Brendon Errol Ngaronga. Photo / Supplied

The Kiwi owner of a stripper and adult entertainment business avoided jail for a ‘heinous’ tirade in Australia where he attacked his neighbor, bit a cop, and threw a chair and kettle at attempting agents to intervene.

Brendon Errol Ngaronga sat silently on the platform at Brisbane District Court while learning of his deplorable antics for several weeks from August to September last year.

During his scuffles with the police, one of them was bitten on the finger and others were fired from work for days due to their injuries.

Ngaronga pleaded guilty on Friday to a series of charges, including aggravated assault of the police, willful damage and public nuisance.

The court heard that his driving began on August 13 last year while in quarantine at a hotel in Brisbane.

Ngaronga was taken with a small amount of marijuana but remained defiant, suggesting that he could not be charged as he was “found on the ground”.

Judge Michael Byrne QC said the young man was then engaged in a period of “deplorable” driving from late August to September.

During this time, he broke down a door and made a hole in the wall of his apartment.

In the early hours of August 31, he threw a bow at his owner while shouting name-calling and threats and rambling incoherently.

Ngaronga is the owner of a stripper and <a class=adult entertainment business. Photo / Supplied” class=”article-media__image responsively-lazy” data-test-ui=”article-media__image”/>
Ngaronga is the owner of a stripper and adult entertainment business. Photo / Supplied

The police were called and a fight ensued.

“They were unable to perform their duties for several days due to the soft tissue injuries you inflicted on them,” Justice Byrne said.

That same day, he threw things from his balcony near a road where children were walking to school.

On another day, Ngaronga kicked the door of his neighbor’s unit and assaulted him, taking his wallet.

He left it intact a day later.

Ngaronga was expelled from his unit on September 18 and became aggressive with the police.

Three officers who tried to defuse the situation were beaten with a kettle and a plastic chair.

Ngaronga bit the finger of another officer, penetrating the skin.

“The biting police are heinous… your tirade was violent and anti-social,” Judge Byrne said.

“You just can’t expect the police to show up and get hurt when they’re doing their job; it is not an expectation.

“It’s really quite deplorable.”

The court heard that a series of circumstances “converged” in Ngaronga’s life and caused his unusual outburst.

Defense lawyer Damien Gates said his client found out he had another child from a previous relationship and learned that a nephew in New Zealand had died.

He said Ngaronga, who ran his own business providing topless male waiters, life drawing models and dancers, had been out of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In isolation and in need of work, [he] turned to alcohol, ”Gates said.

“He got drunk on numerous occasions and cannot explain his behavior.”

Ngaronga was sentenced to 18 months in prison but Judge Byrne suspended the prison sentence.

Eighty-nine days spent in pre-trial detention were declared as time served.

He was also ordered to pay over A $ 1,800 in compensation for the intentional damage charges.