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Oregon Student-Athletes Can Now Earn Money Through NIL, With Some Guidelines


OSAA’s Assembly of Delegates voted Monday to set the parameters

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — On Monday, the Oregon School Activities Association voted to set parameters for student-athletes regarding name, image and likeness, or NIL, endorsements.

“Students can be compensated for their name, image and likeness,” OSAA executive director Peter Weber said Friday. “But there are parameters around that.”

Oregon is the 19th state to allow NIL offers for high school athletes.

Bronny James, son of LeBron James, and two other top high school athletes from California and New Jersey signed a sponsorship deal with Nike on Monday.

“We weren’t seeing that right now in Oregon,” Weber said of the big NIL deals. “That might be something we see here in the future, so we wanted to have a policy that outlined that.”

Under the new policy, an Oregon student can earn compensation through NIL, provided that:

  • Their compensation is not:
    • Subject to their performance
    • Used as a recruiting tool
    • Paid by school
  • Athlete discloses any agreement with current school.

When claiming compensation for NIL, the student cannot:

  • Use any OSAA or school logo
  • Wear any OSAA or school apparel
  • Reference the OSAA, school or mascot
  • Use a school district facility
  • Use any workout or game movie
  • Promote their product or service during school activities
  • Promote inappropriate products and services, such as alcohol, adult entertainment, tobacco, and other specified topics.

“A team’s star quarterback…if a local pizzeria wants to put them in a commercial, can they do it now?” NewsChannel 21 reporter Noah Chats asked.

“They might, Weber replied. “Now they couldn’t use game film, practice filming. They couldn’t use the school name, they couldn’t have a student in uniform. So there are those parameters, but yes, they could have that, if it was something they wanted.

After discussions with other states, OSAA recommends that students and families seek legal and tax advice before entering into an agreement.

Weber said that with NIL constantly changing at the collegiate level, OSAA will surely follow.

“I envision that over time we’ll probably have to adjust this policy because there are things that we haven’t thought about or that will come up,” Weber said.