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Out of 100 profile views, one user likes only 4, skips 96, according to dating app QuackQuack


On 100 profile views, a male user likes 35 profiles and jump 65 while a the user only likes four and skip 96 profiles, according to a internal investigation carried out during the confinement period by the dating application QuackQuack to review consumer behavior.

A male user chats with 10 user profiles while a female user chats with 25 user profiles on average, the survey noted, which also found that around 60 percent of users who create profiles upload their profiles. photos, while 40 percent are worried and uncomfortable exercising this option.

A male user logs in nearly 20 times a day, while a female user logs in 26 times a day to their profile, said the dating platform specifically dedicated to Indian singles.

QuackQuack said in a statement it has crossed nine million Indian users on its dating app.

The platform said it only took 97 days to hit the nine million mark out of eight million users. It added 3.6 million users in the past year. Every day, it welcomes about 18,000 new users to its platform since the announcement of the lockdown, according to the statement.

Speaking of the achievement, Mr. Ravi Mittal, Founder of QuackQuack said, “QuackQuack was built with an idea to cater to the Indian masses and help them find that special someone in their life. Today, when we look back, it was quite a trip for us. The shift from a new concept in the market to one of the leading dating platforms in India is quite humbling.

Created in 2010, the dating app is specially designed for Indian singles and claims 15 million chats exchanged per month.

On 40 percent of QuackQuack users come from Metropolitan cities and 60 percent of level II and level III cities, he added.

(Disclaimer: Additional background information has been added to this PTI copy for context)

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