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Raya, the exclusive dating app for celebrities



To look for internet dating This is not new. From the old portals born in other eras of the web, the concept has prevailed, but has evolved into the platforms and applications that we have known in recent times, among which it stands out. Tinder for its popularity.

The range of alternatives offered by this digital service has diversified enough, to the point that in recent years we have been able to find an application that targets a very closed and specific niche: public figures.

A dating app where the profiles of public figures are real

In the most common dating platforms, as well as in social networks, some people – by leisure or malicious intent – register with fake profiles using the identity of a celebrity, particularly belonging to the creative industry.

Initially with some discretion, Raya was launched in 2015 as an alternative to heavily used dating apps, but with a much more elitist approach. Self-defined as an “online membership-based community for dating, networking and making new friends”, its download is only available for iOS through the App Store.

To participate, you must submit a registration request on the platform. The approval or rejection of the registration depends, on the one hand, on the influence that the applicant has on Instagram, which is calculated by a secret algorithm of the application; and on the other hand, the vote of an anonymous committee also influences, which assesses its popularity and other aspects.

The approval time is relative and once specified, it is notified via the same application. Once accepted, members have the option to purchase an auto-renewing subscription for $ 7 per month, with billing cycles of 1, 3, or 12 months.

Soon after, the presence of some celebrities on the platform became known, such as Cara Delevingne, Ruby Rose, Sharon Stone, Alexander Wang, Moby, John Cusack, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Teri Hatcher, Elijah Wood and Zach Braff, as noted in 2016 the middle Nylon. From Raya, they claim to take their users’ privacy seriously and penalize the transmission of information from the app with blocks, especially via screenshots.

Beyond the most famous public figures, The cup He noted that models, fashion designers, influencers, Olympians, YouTubers, celebrity chefs, music industry executives, photographers and other popular people on Instagram have also signed up on this platform. .

If anyone in the public sector who reads us has managed to access this app, it would be interesting to hear about their experience. According to what has been disclosed, in this application a “match” with a famous person will hardly correspond to a fake profile.