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Residents question PM Company plans on DuPont Road | News, Sports, Jobs


PM’s Jason Minnite holds up a rendering of the company’s planned DuPont Road development as property manager Jared Decker addresses people during a meeting Wednesday at the United Methodist Church in Washington. (Photo by Evan Bevins)

WASHINGTON BOTTOM — Representatives of the PM Company met Wednesday with Washington Bottom residents concerned about the development of the construction business in their area.

About 100 people gathered at the Washington United Methodist Church sanctuary, which sits next to the 29-acre property on DuPont Road where the company has cleared land and is setting up a retention pond and new road.

A parcel is already under contract for a “light industrial enterprise” to buy, said Jared Decker, PMC’s real estate director.

“We are here because it has come to our attention that our project and our work in your community is causing heartburn and concern,” he said.

Residents of the McPherson Manor and Walnut Grove subdivisions and other parts of the area have raised issues ranging from safety and noise to the loss of trees and the rural atmosphere they enjoy.

Washington Bottom resident Kim Burdette asks a question during a meeting Wednesday about developing a PM society on DuPont Road at the United Methodist Church in Washington. (Photo by Evan Bevins)

Decker said he was not free to disclose who the first buyer is or what company he is in, although he said it would be revealed after the sale closes in 30 to 60 days and the deposit documents.

“It will be public information here very soon”, he said.

Some residents think the first business will be a warehouse and they fear it will be used to store potentially dangerous chemicals. More than one person has referenced the 2017 fire that destroyed the former Ames factory in Parkersburg after it was converted into a warehouse.

“You drop this right in the middle of a residential neighborhood and right in front of a church,” said Kathy Tanner. “We didn’t even know it was there. But you flattened it.

A resident, who declined to be named, said he understood the company had probably invested too much in the site to leave, but asked if there might be any restrictions on what could be there. be stored.

The 29-acre property being developed by the PM Company is seen Wednesday from the property of the United Methodist Church in Washington. (Photo by Evan Bevins)

Decker said yes and pointed to a list of restrictions in the deed to be filed over the next month. It prohibits uses related to adult entertainment, pawnshops, nightclubs and gambling establishments. Storage is listed as one of the potential uses.

“Anyone who doesn’t see a restriction they want, send it to me and we’ll look into it,” said Decker, who at the start of the meeting invited people to call the company’s offices with concerns or questions.

Kim Burdette said she left town to get away from developments like what she expects at the site. She and others said they expected their property values ​​to decline.

“I just don’t understand the lack of consideration for the amount of money people have invested in their homes,” Burette said. “I feel exploited.”

Burdette and others said the company should have spoken with residents sooner.

Washington Bottom resident Kelly Franklin, center, asks about the development of the PM Society on DuPont Road during a town hall meeting Wednesday night at the United Methodist Church in Washington as her husband Ryan and fellow resident Whitney Dobson listens. (Photo by Evan Bevins)

“I was just wondering why we didn’t have this meeting sooner, before all of this happened,” said a woman.

Greg Stephens, chairman of the board of the Washington Bottom Volunteer Fire Department, said the property they are working on would have been ideal for housing, which is needed in the area.

“We have never been in the home building business,” Decker said. “But certainly the property has been for sale for a long time,” he added, noting that the company bought it in 1999.

One person asked if the site was still for sale.

“There’s no number on it, but I guess I would say…it’s all for sale,” said Decker, noting that only one part of the property is spoken so far.

About 100 people attended a meeting at the United Methodist Church in Washington on Wednesday to ask questions about a nearby PM Society development project on DuPont Road. (Photo by Evan Bevins)

Decker said the south and west edges of the property will have 50-foot buffers from adjacent property lines. A retention basin on site will be secured by a locked chain-link fence. Traffic signs will be placed to prevent trucks from turning into residential streets, PM officials said.

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