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Silent House Stages Adult-Themed ‘It’s Our Youth’ | Arts & Theater


Twenty-something friends Jessica (Aedin Waldorf) and Warren (Nick Marquez) try to come to terms with their lives in the Silent House Theater Company’s production of “This Is Our Youth.”

Alex Blanton, provided

With its production of Kenneth Lonergan’s “This Is Our Youth”, the Silent House Theater Company moves closer to adult territory and strong language than previous productions of “I and You”, “Reckless” and “A Streetcar Named Desire”. , although the latter would qualify as an adult pitch.

It’s small, intimate and character-driven like previous Silent House productions have been, but the language and content make it R-rated material, said Bradyn Braziel, deputy director and co-founder of Silent House.

Lonergan’s story centers on three upscale young adults in 1980s New York, with the action confined to an apartment on Manhattan’s West Side. Warren (Nick Marquez), still coming to terms with his sister’s murder, was kicked out of his home and stole $15,000 from his wealthy father. He’s in his friend Dennis Ziegler’s apartment trying to figure out his next step. A mutual friend, Jessica Goldman (Aedin Waldorf), arrives, and Dennis (Colin Selman) seems to consider a next step of selling cocaine or seducing Jessica.

“These are very privileged white kids who do drugs and party because dad can afford to bail them out,” Brazier said. “They are lifeless children trying to come to life.”

Although set in the Reagan years two generations ago, little has changed for young people searching for values ​​in a materialistic world. “I think a lot of people my age can relate to that,” said Brazier, who is assisting director Ryan Kirby with the production.